1. B

    Fuel pump noise on startup

    Hi, when I started my 2015 MT07 this morning, I turned the key, and instead of the usual whine of the fuel pump, got... nothing. The display lit up as usual, but the old familiar chorus was missing. Hit the starter, and it started without hesitation. I tried this twice more, and...
  2. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU, Akra Titanium Exhaust Dillema

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  3. N

    Woolich Racing Log Box D-CAN and Zeitronix ZT-3 Wideband 02

    So after installing an akra ti exhaust I was in the market for a fuel controller. I was about to get the PCV but after some research I found that the maps on their website are for the akra ti with baffle removed. I am keeping the baffle in as I find it much too loud with it removed so I looked...
  4. N

    MT 70 Comparison MPG?

    Hi All, I am currently riding a Honda CB 500X – had it over two years and it’s been a brilliant bike. I use it for commuting so was looking for something that had good fuel economy and was easy to handle and maneuverer in town traffic. The X ticks all those boxes plus it’s as comfortable as...
  5. J

    About fuel consumption MT 07 - 2016.

    I apologize for the beginning of my English is bad, will probably give me some understanding. I just bought the MT 07 and ran about 500 km. I'm interested in experiences related fuel consumption L / 100 km Thank you in advance, greetings to everyone Zoran - Jagodina - Serbia
  6. K

    How to tak away the fuel tank covers

    Hi All I tried to reach the 12V power outlet and tried to take away the fuel tank covers but failed. Below are my steps 1. take away passenger seat 2. 2 screws to take away driver seat, I see battery and fuses. 3. 1 screw to remove the black rectangular rubber strip on the tank. 4. the...
  7. kosia

    Fuel Modification(adjust)?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if you can modified (adjusting) you fuel ,air ,mixed from display seeting (screen) without computer and programs like power commander. i have mt 07 grey 2015 with full exhaust leovince underbody without baffle (600€) and dna filter stage 2 (130€ ) and sometimes...
  8. Eddieh93

    Unreliable Fuel Gauge

    Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my fuel gauge getting really patchy readings. I know people will say that it all depends what resting position I leave my bike in but I put a full tank into it on last Monday then 2 days later with minimal riding the fuel light started flashing, I...
  9. Eddieh93

    Flashing Fuel Light

    I know people are going to say don't let your fuel get that low but whatever. How many miles will you get after the fuel light has started flashing? Can seem to find anything anywhere which has even a rough number. I've had it to 10miles then passed a garage so filled up. Ed
  10. sandyevo3

    fuel tank removal

    hi im going to fit the afm(air fuel modifier) thats recomended with the sc project exhaust i installed,however i thought it just plugged into o2 sensor(4pin conector) behind rear brake pedal,after a few emails with sc project its underneith the fuel tank,has anyone removed the tank before or...
  11. Yaminator


    I just found out today that the MT07 should be using PREMIUM UNLEADED FUEL as per workshop manual recommendation ..
  12. J

    Not even 13l tank capacity

    There are no more than 9lt I fill up the supposed 14lt tank capacity whenever last bar indicator starts to lit!! So, I reffered to my authorised mechanics to solve this problem. At first he told me that there was a problem with data stored at control unit, so he deleted all data but problem...
  13. A

    99 octane?

    Recently in Denmark Shell offered 99 octane for the same price as 95 (a limited time only kind of deal). My Yamaha dealer told me that the engine would ''run cleaner'' if a higher octane is used. Found some threads online but opinions seem to be divided. What do you guys think?
  14. G

    Trip computer

    Another question guys.. When i'm, going with, lets say, fifth or sixth gear when closing the throttle completely the instance fuel meter keeps showing 2.5 l/klm fuel consumption.. I thought it should be 0.. Is this happening to you too?
  15. Yaminator

    do i need to be worried?

    Its a new bike and ive only covered 35miles / 56 kilometres. and the fuel gauge has already gone down 3 blocks...? is this right?
  16. F

    fuel consumption figure problem

    i have this probliem, fuel consumption figure (not actual consumption) is stuck to 5.1 lt/100km no matter how hard or soft I ride...also instant fuel consuption seems to have higher lag than normal & i dont think it shows the right value...anyone have any similar problem??