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    Scim77 replied to the thread ECU Tuning Advice..
    Phil Seton did exactly the same to mine some years ago. The torque increase was stunning. Fantastic improvement in progressive...
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    Is it possible that when you changed the bulb the seal didn't seat properly so it has been letting water in?
  • L
    hi TEC exhaust should leave enough room see youtube there,s one na a tracer,thay are about £320.
  • Deanos
    Deanos replied to the thread CHANGING SPARK PLUGS.
    Those plugs are VERY deep in there! I cannot remember the socket I used, but I do know that I really struggled getting them out! I...
  • bobh
    bobh replied to the thread CHANGING SPARK PLUGS.
    I have a 3/8" drive spark plug socket that has always worked for me, though I must admit I've never done the plugs on an MT-07. But you...
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    I really need to change out my spark plugs. However, when I try to use my 14mm 1/2" deep socket it doesn't fit. Does anyone think if I...
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    As you can see, winning the lottery is much more likely than getting sick with any virus. It is important to be financially independent...