1. D

    Does anybody has Tracer 700 Service (Workshop) Manual?

    Hi there, I need the front and rear suspension full details of Tracer 700 from chassis specifications page. Anyone? BR
  2. F

    Front Tire Wear Out Quicker Than Rear one?

    Hi guys...recently I have one question that has been puzzling me for a while. My bike is MT-07. I have been riding it since early last June and the odometer shows I almost hit 7000km/4349miles. I only ride my MT-07 during the weekends and 90% of the routes were mountain roads. I consider myself...
  3. robodene

    Rear Tyre size - what Yamaha says

    As I am seriously considering fitting a 170/60 rear tyre, I thought I would email Yamaha on the subject. Here is what they replied: "Thank you for your email, in relation to your Yamaha MT-07. We can advise, that we can only recommend the tyres sizes as stated in your Owner’s Manual, which...
  4. D

    Mt07 Tracer Rear Shock

    Thinking of changing the rear shock on my MT07 Tracer for a YSS Monoshock. I've been told they only list one for the MT07 not the Tracer but isn't the chassis just the same on both bikes apart from a slightly longer swing arm on the Tracer. Has anyone fit one of these shocks to a Tracer yet or...
  5. Flip

    Trick MT07 anyone?

    Ok if you fancy a proper upgrade it may be worth splashing out and buying this for £6000 2014 MT 07 Prepped as a track day/road bike Maxton top of range suspension front and rear Akra full race system K & N air filter 520 chain conversion Hel brake lines HH brake pads Sport screen R&G crash...
  6. J

    New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar

    What do you think about this? Have a look to this link New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar Hand Rail for Yamaha MT 07 MT07 2013 2015 | eBay
  7. F

    MT-07 2015 in Race Blue + Many extras

    ***SOLD*** MT-07 2015 in Race Blue + Many extras **** NOW SOLD **** Hi all, Selling my MT07. This is basically a copy/paste of the ad I put on eBay here: 2015 YAMAHA MT-07 ABS SILVER/RACE BLUE + EXTRAS | eBay I'm looking for £4,900. Up for sale is my nearly year old Yamaha MT-07 ABS. It is...
  8. MrSquidbeak

    My MT-07 2015 up for sale

    So selling my beloved Yamaha MT-07 2015 (64 reg) motorcycle, I am the 1st owner of this bike and brought it outright from Crescent Yamaha Bournemouth so no HP on the bike. Genuine reason for sale, selling to put the money into a family car as expecting first baby in April ? Bike is a 2015...
  9. Yaminator


    I went to the excell show today & was inquiring about the suspension for the MT.. to cut the story short they was talking about doing a Kit for the front & rear.. I said go ahead because people are crying out for the full kits..? Did i say the right thing....??
  10. Scim77


    I have just checked the wheel alignment on my bike and discovered that it was slightly wrong. I hasten to point out that, since buying it from Gaz2212, this is the first and only thing thing that I have found to be (slightly) wrong. Fortunately, GAZ had fitted Gilles swing arm chain tensioners...

    genune yamaha rear seat cowl

    Hi all as Yam are a bunch of Knobs it comes with great sadness that I will need to sell my 1 month old seat cowl. you may ask why I should slag off the company who have given us such a sweet motor. Well it don't F -IN fit when you add a genuine Yamaha rear rack. so as you know Yamaha gear is...
  12. S

    Mud and Muck everywhere. Rear Wheel Hugger?

    I have been riding my new MT 07 for only 1 week and it already looks like I have been doing off-road cross country riding! It's filthy from where the rain has come off the back tyre. It's even sprayed up my back on to my helmet! Although, I admit that I did put on a tail tidy. Will a rear wheel...
  13. Flip

    Rear paddock stand bobbins

    Anyone seen or adapted a way to mount bobbins to swing arm, all current market offerings just no good for removing rear wheel, just prepping MT07 to race next year and need something more substantial cheers..
  14. msesma

    DIY rear rack for top case

    This is my first post in the forum as I have just bouhgt my brand new MT-07 :) I plan to make it several modifications and the first one has been attaching my old 50L Givi Maxia Top case. As this top case is really big, I wanted a rack that integrate the top case with the bike as much as...
  15. MT-0Devon

    Removing Rear Footpeg Hangers

    Hi All, As the title suggests....What are the options for a blanking plate, screws, luggage hooks? Really would like some luggage hooks when i remove the rear footpeg hangers. I'm not paying R&G £55 so what else is on offer??? What's the screw thread size? C'mon I am a woman! cheers all x
  16. Gaz2212

    The time has come to sell

    Sorry guys this is going to be a long one Bike is up for sale but I want to sell it as it is I know this is going to be difficult but i'll break it down and hopefully you guys will appreciate it First off what are you buying, a second hand MT-07 with just short of 3000 mile on the clock...
  17. M

    Hi from south london

    Hi everyone. I'm Martin from croydon , south London. Got my mt 07 race blu about a month ago and been doing loads of mods. Akra exhaust and tail tidy was already fitted, I put a on the Yamaha belly pan and fly screen, removed the rear pegs with evotech blanking plates and evotech rad guard and...
  18. addy

    Rear panel screw snapped.

    Picked up some led indicators and went to fit them today, lifted the rear seat and started to remove the plastic panel that sits between the front and rear seat. The left screw came out without any issues but the plastic on the right one just snapped as soon as I touched it. Looks like whoever...
  19. F

    Today I have been mostly...

    ...taking my bike apart! I've finally got round to fitting some of the parts I've bought over the past few months, including: Highsider Dakota lights, front and rear Replace flasher relay with Motogadget M-Wave Fuzeblock Bruudt Tail Tidy Removal of rear pegs Fitting DPM screen and rear hugger...
  20. C

    Ground clearance

    Had my MT a couple of weeks and love it, great for wheelies and just great fun. I've already destroyed the footpeg feelers so took them off, now scraping pegs. So I've just fitted a nitron shock to give the rear some more support and ordered some rearsets, anyone else fitted these and did it...