1. G

    Clarks "Norton" Leather Motorcycle Boots - £175 off Bargain!!!!!!

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd give you all a heads up on some leather motorcycle boots which I have found and look great & are at a great price. Only £75.00 delivered!!!!! They were £250 not so long back. A word of caution........... Had my feet...
  2. sash

    Does MT 09 Handlebar fit ?

    Hey guys I find the handlebar to close to my chest when hanging off in corners and somehow wouldnt mind it a bit wider as well... Now, without too much mucking around (not keen to change the length of all the cables etc ) has anyone found a bar that is a bit more flat and wider, that just bolts...
  3. CVSensei

    Braided Brake Lines

    After reading up on them a little bit it seems like a worthy investment, anyone have any recommendations? I've heard HEL are good and found them selling some on ebay.. They have two versions though. Any info would be great!
  4. D

    had some clutch noise and now i know why :)

    so i notice the clutch made some noice when i was about to drive from stadning still on first gear. didnt hear any noice when riding. so i went to my dealer and they didnt like the sound and they took a look inside the clutch and this was what they found :( if the parts arrive in time ill be...
  5. Eddieh93

    Single Seat Conversion

    I am looking at buying a pillion seat cover or Yamaha original replacement but begrudge paying Yamaha's extortionate prices for what I think doesn't look that good. I have found 2 alternatives, just wondering if anyone has either of these and what's the verdict. Any input is much appreciated.
  6. A

    99 octane?

    Recently in Denmark Shell offered 99 octane for the same price as 95 (a limited time only kind of deal). My Yamaha dealer told me that the engine would ''run cleaner'' if a higher octane is used. Found some threads online but opinions seem to be divided. What do you guys think?
  7. Nuggets

    Starter Switch Replacement (Upgrade?)

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of swapping out the starter switch. The OEM switch is a crap design, mine has started to bind, I'm going to get it replaced under warranty but the bike has 3,700 miles on the clock and has mainly been driven in the dry. I've lubed the switch but it makes no...
  8. loneranger

    Headlight Safety - Motorway

    So I rode my bike last night n the M23. I found the headlight vision very poor indeed when riding in stretches with no motorway lighting. Didn't reach very far out and certainly had no illumination for any motorway signs. I had to slow down a bit as the cats eyes were not illuminating very...