1. S

    SW Motech tankbag

    Evo city tankbag complete with rain cover and evo tank ring for easy mounting and removal. 11 ltr expandable to 15 ltr. Very good condition, no damage , hardly used. Great piece of kit, fits really well to tank shape and very secure. Cost €215, would like £100 + £5 p&p
  2. G

    MT07 Tracer launched.

    Been seeing quick reviews ( maybe pretend teasers from the company). One big thing is the tank is actually a decent size instead of the peanut harley size tank on the MT/FZ. May upgrade if the real one is released in Aus but word is the ridiculous toy version will be coming here. What would be...
  3. K

    How to tak away the fuel tank covers

    Hi All I tried to reach the 12V power outlet and tried to take away the fuel tank covers but failed. Below are my steps 1. take away passenger seat 2. 2 screws to take away driver seat, I see battery and fuses. 3. 1 screw to remove the black rectangular rubber strip on the tank. 4. the...
  4. A

    Tank Cover

    I am new to this forum. so please forgive me if i have posted this thread in a wrong place. I bought a Yamaha MT 07 deep armor bike but what i wanted was a racing red bike. Now i want to change the color. Please can any one tell me an online store where i can buy a red tank cover. I read...
  5. W

    Dimensions of gas tank for decal applications?

    I'm close to buying a 2015 MT-07, but I need the dimensions of the gas tank for decal applications? I'm sorry to bother the members of the forum, but I was hoping someone could help me with that? Thank you.
  6. sandyevo3

    fuel tank removal

    hi im going to fit the afm(air fuel modifier) thats recomended with the sc project exhaust i installed,however i thought it just plugged into o2 sensor(4pin conector) behind rear brake pedal,after a few emails with sc project its underneith the fuel tank,has anyone removed the tank before or...
  7. T

    Hello from Japan

    Hello, everyone. I have just got MT-07 and it is very fun to ride. In Japan, only three colors are sold and no moto cage because YAMAHA does not have an interest in the Japanese market. So, I immediately ordered purple color tank covers from UK!
  8. J

    Not even 13l tank capacity

    There are no more than 9lt I fill up the supposed 14lt tank capacity whenever last bar indicator starts to lit!! So, I reffered to my authorised mechanics to solve this problem. At first he told me that there was a problem with data stored at control unit, so he deleted all data but problem...
  9. Donut

    Removal of tank plastics

    Before I get medieval on the tank plastics is anyone either local me (Bracknell in Berkshire UK) and able to show me how to remove the plastics around the tank or able to offer advice on their removal. I've undone/removed the central black plastic strip and removed what I believe to be all the...
  10. G

    Plastic gas tank

    If there is one thing I can't stand with the MT07 is its plastic gas tank. It is my first bike with a plastic tank and I find it unpractical at best. I try to carry over my gears from one bike to the next, and of course, my magnet tank bag will not work. So I purchased a new tank bag, the...
  11. N

    Tank sticker removal

    Any tips on removing that black/orange tank sticker on left tank cover panel? Clear plastic layer peeled off but not the layer below when I tried, admittedly was v cold yesterday but looks like the adhesives gonna put up quite a fight. Anyone tried petrol, or any other ideas?? Thanks
  12. S

    Tank Grips

    Anyone had any experience with Tank Grips? I've had a look at the Eazi-Grips which look pretty decent, leaning towards these at the moment.
  13. loneranger

    Tank Bag White or grey?