1. C

    New brake lever - Adjusting brake light switch

    Today I finally installed the cheap but very nice and sturdy clutch and brake levers that I got from Ebay. It went well but now the brake light doesn't come on until I brake pretty hard. Adjusting the rear brake light switch is easy but I haven't been able to find out how to adjust the front...
  2. F

    ABS Warning light

    Anyone had any issues with their ABS warning light flashing randomly? My bike does it every now and then I can't figure out why. It's not as the result of sudden braking, it just comes on whilst riding normally. Most of the time if I pull over, switch the ignition off and on again it goes out...
  3. Yaminator

    My fellow MT7 riders i need your help with something

    Hi guys can you help me? What it is, the other day i stopped at a set of lights with the bike in first gear and because i knew these set of lights was a long wait i hit the kill switch on the handle bar then waited. After a while just before my lights went green i put the handlebar switch to on...
  4. addy

    Brake light on until I move

    Noticed a few times over the past few weeks that when I turn my bike on the brake light will stay on until I ride 5-10 seconds down the road. Checked the brakes and cant see anything obviously wrong, front brake isn't pressing on the switch, any of you noticed this or got any ideas of what I...
  5. spencer

    Starter switch

    2 months in and the starter switch as gone :( push it down to start bike and it doesn't spring back so the starter motor carry's on spinning when engine as started. only noticed it when I got to work 35 miles later :( cant ear starter spinning when your on the move, doesn't seem to have done any...
  6. Gaz2212

    Flash 2 pass garage door opener

    Hi guys I have just adapted the left switch gear so the flash button operates my garage door, got sick of stopping the bike in the drive unlocking the house then getting the bike put away and also fumbling in pockets for the garage remote the diagram below shows the process, you do need to strip...
  7. Nuggets

    Starter Switch Replacement (Upgrade?)

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of swapping out the starter switch. The OEM switch is a crap design, mine has started to bind, I'm going to get it replaced under warranty but the bike has 3,700 miles on the clock and has mainly been driven in the dry. I've lubed the switch but it makes no...
  8. Ralph

    Raceways Fleetwood

    They have a second hand MT-07 in and one of the new MT-125's, thats a cracking looking 125, better built if anything than the 07 switch gear looked better as does the instruments, and it as upside down forks.