1. P

    Throttle body synching

    Hello.New guy here.Wondering about synchronizing the throttle bodies on my FZ-07.I'm going to order the gauges to do it.Just wondering,it looks like I'll have to disconnect the MAP sensor to hook up the one gauge.Will the bike run with it disconnected?Will it run poorly preventing me from...
  2. Yaminator

    Throttle bodies sync / carbtune

    Has anybody used a Morgan Carbtune to synchronize their throttle bodies...??? its one of my to-do jobs over the cold months.....
  3. J

    Disc / Loose Washer Behind Throttle Grip?

    Taking my 2016 MT07 for its first 600 mile service next week and meaning to ask them about a loose washer / disc that moves around behind the throttle grip. I presume it shouldn't be like this? Should it be attached to something? It would be useful to know before I speak to the garage. Many...
  4. S

    Very jerky on acceleration and deacceleration

    I have a problem with my bike being very jerky. I'm not sure if it's me or the bike! The main jerkiness occurs when i twist the throttle from the starting point or if i release the throttle completely, however softly i go on it. It's ok if i increase or decrease the acceleration as long as i...
  5. Yaminator

    My reason for poor throttle control

    I should be getting this sorted under warranty..
  6. Yaminator

    Rust Dripping from my throttle body.....?

    I noticed the other day a rust puddle forming on the plastics (side of tank) under the throttle twist grip when parked up, so i looked up and thought one of the screws must be going rusty........??? So with further investigation i removed the screws from the throttle twist grip they seemed to...
  7. N

    First service done (1000km)

    So today I got my bike back from its 1000km service, almost run-in now (1300km, 300 to go). This service was not cheap (300€/220£), but I guess it's just something you have to deal with. Going in to service I did not expect much, oil change and some inspection items and maybe some adjustments, I...
  8. G

    Autralian Restricted model MT07. The hidden restrictor. Removal

    I have the Australian restricted model MT07. I reflashed the ECU and have Akra snail pipe and DNA filter and the throttle rotation restrictor was removed, but the dyno run revealed sill only 54rear wheel HP. Now the reflash was to Euro spec so the only difference should be the 655ccrelarive to...
  9. J

    Steady throttle makes bike jerky

    Hi all, First I'd like to salute you all - looks like an amazing community you have here. Now to my problem. I've noticed that when I'm holding a steady throttle, the bike feels jerky/not smooth. Is this standard behaviour on this bike? When I do accelerate however, it pulls cleanly and...
  10. robodene

    Handlebar ends protection

    Just few pence: a ferrule intended for a walking stick but ideal at 1" size to protect the bar end in a drop. Have to keep a gap on the right hand side to ensure no interference with the throttle.
  11. I

    Removing the throttle restrictor

    I've been looking around for how to remove the restrictions on the MT07, and to my understanding there should only be a throttle restriction on the EU versions? I dont really understand how to remove it. I believe its the bracket over the throttle pulley with the finger that goes down and...
  12. xt660isgood2

    choke problems on 1200 bandit

    Apologies in advance for not talking 07’s and not really knowing best place to post this? I’m sure someone in the world will be able to resolve this problem. 1200 bandit: 1996 carbs obviously. I owned it for many years and then sold it to a mate around 7 years ago and it has been faultless all...
  13. J

    Rizoma Lux Hand Grips/Rizoma Bar End

    Has anyone installed these on the FZ-07 and if so, any input on how hard the throttle side is to replace?