1. B

    What engine oil are you using?

    Time for a service and this time I will do it myself as the price is too steep at the shop. Wondering what oil people are using, feel this Yamalube semi synth is going bad a bit fast (feel it when shifting).
  2. E

    Complete power loss

    Hi all, Started motorcycling few months ago. Bought my first motorcycle, the MT/FZ 07 and absolutely love the bike. I have now gotten 1800miles (~3000km) on it, did the first maintenance at the dealer at 750miles. The bike has now completely shut down two times on me. The oil pressure...
  3. Eddieh93

    5000 Mile Service

    Does anyone know what's involved in a 5000 mile service I'm sick of paying expensive labour charges when I could probably do it myself. Is it just brake pads, oil, chain tensioning and clean and oil and bits like that or is it internal engine checks?
  4. Eddieh93

    Post Winter and Pre Summer Service

    Hi guys, Going to be doing some routine maintenance and a bit extra after a winter full of commuting and fun rides and before the summer kicks in and I don't get off the bike. I am planning on doing: Brake Pads Oil Filter and Oil Change A GOOD CLEAN as I haven't cleaned it once since owning (I...
  5. tw586

    Best $20 I have spent

    My 07 is now a full 1 year old so as part of the service I decided to change the front fork oil, Used Motul SAE5w semi synthetic When i drained the oil forks I noticed 2 things oil level was 15 to 20 mm lower than spec The oil appears to be Automatic trans fluid It smells and feels like ATF...
  6. tw586

    Bad experience with fully synth oil

    last week i did my 1 year service and used yamahas 10w40 full synth oil, I had done about 150klm and noticed at full operating temp the engine was noisy-er than usual tappet rattle chain tick gear box roll over noise in neutral and harshness at mid torque in the rev range bit the bullet and...
  7. G

    Oil stains?

    I noticed the other day, while checking my oil level, that the yamaha belly pan inside had some strange stains.. I am not sure if it is oil or grease, or something like that.. But definitely it is not dirt from the road.. Have you noticed anything similar.. By the way the oil level was where it...
  8. CVSensei

    Cracked engine - leaking oil

    So I just started the first oil change on my 400 mile MT. Changed filter no problem. Drained oil no problem. Went to tighten up the bolt when I noticed there was a crack about 4cm long running underneath the casing. I'm sure I didn't over tighten it, I only have a little torque wrench and I...
  9. N

    oil overfilled from new

    Picked up my MT07 today - torture obeying running in limits but glad I did - when I got home I checked oil level to find no bubble - had to lean bike about 10 degrees away from me before any air was visible! I ended up removing 150ml with a catheter & syringe (to avoid having to guess as oil ran...
  10. loneranger

    Oil Change

    What oil should I use for a 3000 mile oil change? semi/fully etc? Any recommendations please
  11. Nuggets

    Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug?

    Does anyone know if the oil sump plug is magnetic from the factory? I haven't been able to find details of the plug, it's size or an MT-07 specific aftermarket plug yet. My bike turns up in 47 days and this is for me the first modification to do before running in gets too far along.