1. B

    Buy 2016 MT07, wait till next year to see if update on MT 07 or buy 2017 MT09?

    Hi, I'm in a quandary, a dealer is selling the 2016 MT 09 for about the same price as the MT 07 (£6234 OTR) and I am not sure which way to go? They are doing this because a new 2017 MT 09 is going on sale in December. I was unsure if I wanted an MT 07 or an MT 09 in the first place, now I don't...
  2. R

    Mt07 abs version speedometer needed

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a used UK speedometer ( abs version ) Thanks
  3. N

    Dont buy a KTM!

    Quick word of warning - I just bought a KTM Duke 390, and its bloody crap, don't buy a KTM! New bike, overheats constanly, fan coming on in December, sprays coolant out of reservoir & rad cap. This is the second one, first one did the same minus overheating, this is the replacement I got. Build...

    touring screens

    Hi all I am after a screen tall enough to throw the wind over my lid...or at least not rip my head of at motorway speeds, I planning a euro trip next but would like to take the MT rather than buy the likes of a RT 1200 [they are cheap] I have seen the Puig on site but it seems it may not be tall...
  5. N

    Alarm recommendation

    Hi all, just thought i'd share my experiences about Datatool and their forthcoming replacement for the self fit (easy installation - if I can do it anyone can) Demon alarm. When my Demon alarm on my R6 stopped working out of warranty I contacted them by email hoping they could repair it cheaply...
  6. jeppebm

    Buy my bike (dk)

    Just had to share my video-advert for the sales of my MT07 :D
  7. D

    Pillion seat!!!

    Ok who's got a pillion seat they don't want anymore I got a project in mind and don't want to fork out for a new one if it doesn't work. not asking for charity willing to buy it off you, please PM if you can help... Thanks for your time
  8. spencer


    Has anyone got one of there's? want to know if there any good before I buy.
  9. K

    SkidMarx bellypan anyone?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has some pictures of this belly-pan. Yamaha MT09 - Sports Belly Pan - Standard Exhaust - Skidmarx UK Ltd I've been looking for one that i like the look of for quiet a while and this one i think could look nice after a matte-grey/black respray. Unfortunately the...
  10. xt660isgood2

    Bike shows in the winter?

    I’m sorry but this does really pee me off. In the uk there is a big bike show about to happen. Ok we know why they are doing it now and have for many years because it’s Too cold to ride your bike up and cause you are in your car you will buy more stuff? Well “organiser type dick££eds” Myself and...