1. B

    game over for mt-07

    sadly after 4 years very good return the mt-07 has been killed. had a driver stop dead in middle of roundabout leaving me no place to go but into them. even though it was a slow speed crash the head was damaged and forks bent so bike has been written off. bike had just over 8000 miles on it and...
  2. B

    Scorpion Stainless Steel Full System

    Thinking of selling my MT07 and removing the system. Bearing in mind this system is nearly £600 new .What would be a reasonable asking price? Brian J
  3. B

    Alternative to Black Widow Exhaust

    Hi, I picked up a Black Widow exhaust recently : MT07 MT-07 2014 2015 2016 2017 Low Level De-cat Exhaust System with 200mm Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Carbon Tip Absolutely no issues with the quality, fit or finish of the exhaust. Nor the customer service I've received from Black Widow. All are...
  4. D

    mt07 exhaust

    Can anyone tell me if I can fit an Acrapovic exhaust system from an MT07 on to my MT07 Tracer Cheers
  5. S

    Will my MT-07 spit flames?

    Hi guys Just bought a brand new MT-07 with the full titanium Akra system on it, decat. Will my MT spit flames and pop and bang/burble etc?
  6. G

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Just thought I would post a quick video in case anyone else was considering an exhaust system for their mt07 from Black Widow Exhausts. I paid £240 for the whole system delivered next day. Fitting was super easy, and I think it sounds great! Will be posting more vids of it over the weekend...
  7. TomHow

    Fitting Tiger Exhaust to MT07 video

    Hi all new member here just got my MT07 2015 model I am living here in Istanbul, Turkey as a teacher. I hunted for an exhaust system and the usual suspects are way to much money so I bought a Turkish made system and I am very impressed with the quality and sound. I did a small video of the...
  8. B

    little update

    hi gang. sorry ive been away for so long but life/work etc have been keeping me very busy. my mt-07 has changed a bit since you last looked at it so here are the extras ive added since i was last here. as you know the suspension was lowered by 20mm front and rear by hyperpro and this has made...
  9. B

    Scorpion system just fitted

    Brianj here.Just fittedthis system in stainless steel.I must say I am delighted with the quality, appearance and sound.Regards to all.
  10. B

    Scorpion Serket Taper System

    Morning everybody just waiting for the rain to go away.Has anyone fitted a Scorpion system? If so any information will be very welcome. regards Brianj.
  11. P

    Two Brothers Exhaust

    Has anyone fitted a two brothers racing S1R exhaust with the carbon fibre can yet, if you have your feedback on the system would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. S

    2 questions - how does the code key work, and does the US FZ07 have this?

    I'm working on a problem here, and a bit of digging about has raised a few questions. Problem - some scrote tried to steal my bike, and broke the ignition barrel casting. (they smacked the bars round to break the steering lock, but then discovered the disk lock and gave up). Problem - Yamaha...
  13. Torque


    Just thought it was worth posting this link for yet another new IXIL exhaust for the MT-07 about to hit the market, especially for anyone still deciding which aftermarket system to get. I can only find it on the IXIL USA site at the moment but I'm sure it will hit Europe soon as it does appear...
  14. Yaminator

    Why is the UK so limited for the accessories

    After checking Ebay france and ebay US it seems to me that us in the uk is being somewhat restricted in the accessories For Example if you look up ZARD exhausts there aint none in the UK but France has them and in the US they even do a black whole complete system. Whats Going on...?
  15. D

    ABS and wheelies

    so i have been riding my MT-07 for about 1.5 months now and ofc i cant resist the wheelies when theres an oportunity xD but what im confused about is that some times the ABS system shuts down or something and the ABS light will be on untill i restart the system and sometimes this does not...