1. Sunde

    MT-07 2018 colour options

    Noooo! Why is the Intensity white colour scheme not available in EU? It looks stunning! Do you guys think there is any chance that a white model could be brought to Denmark if i ask my local Yamaha dealer?
  2. S

    Mt07 lower fork tubes colour

    Anyone know the colour code or what paint is used for the lower fork tubes. Had a crash due to diesel and the forks are scuffed. Local yamaha dealer won't say....
  3. F

    Ermax Seat Cowl (Satin Grey/Satin Black)

    I've got an unused Ermax seat cowl for sale. I ordered this for my bike, and it turned out to be the wrong colour. Unfortunately as its a special order part, I can't return it. It's the correct colour scheme for the 2014 Grey/Blue bike I believe. I have a 2015 which is more silver. It cost me...
  4. L

    Ermax seat cowl - which colour?!

    I'm thinking of getting an Ermax seat cowl but not sure about the colour... I'm on the Race Blue/Silver bike but think I'd like the cowl in that matt black colour that surrounds the seat. Anyone on the same colour scheme got one? Would you help a girl out and share some pics to help me choose?!
  5. xt4tic

    Suspension bottle colour

    Hey! New user here, i'll receive the 07 on september, Race Blue with ABS was not in stock so i'll have to wait. One thing that i particularly liked on the 09 was the front suspension, in gold and blue colour, all the 07 have this black plastic, so how about doing some vinyl on them? Let me...
  6. xt4tic

    Suspension bottle colour

    Delete Post Post repeated, sorry
  7. F

    Yamaha colour names

    Hey all, I have a 2015 Race Blue MT-07. I was thinking of ordering the Ermax rear seat cowl but wanted to make sure that I ordered the correct colour to match the matt silver of the fuel tank. Can anyone confirm what Yamaha specifically calls that silver colour? Thanks
  8. CVSensei

    What are the differences between 2014/15 models?

    Hello guys and gals, Can anyone explain to me the differences on the new model? I know about the new colour schemes and a few minor cosmetic adjustments but wondered what the new 'flat' seat is like. Also heard they made changes to the engine?! If so how does it behave? I'm about to buy one...
  9. C

    Got it! - Australia

    Been posting for a few weeks now but finally picked up my MT-07 this weekend. Sure you can get the colour from the wheels If I'd been issued the next number plate I would have had an )& 07 ATtacK