1. A

    Mirror mount, levers uneven height

    I only noticed the other day when my hand guards were out of line that my levers are not the same height. Is this just the way it is or am I going bonkers? The only way to make my levers the same height is to have the mirror mounts offset, so the left mirror mount does not point straight up...
  2. loneranger

    Levers for sale

    Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable | eBay Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable and Folding | eBay
  3. S

    2014 Yamaha MT07

    still got 6months warranty on white 2200 miles standard apart from MTC end can and adjustable levers datatagged mint condition, includes all keys and documents 2 stamps in the service book £4250ono Login Required | The RD LC Crazy UK 2 Stroke Forum
  4. RichMT

    Red anodised shorty levers

    I have for sale a pair of red anodised adjustable 'shorty' levers. As new and never been fitted. Surplus to requirements after I purchased another set prior to these arriving. £25 incl. tracked delivery. Items ready to send.

    New Yamaha seat cowl

    Hi all well here she is...a week of waiting for my yam seat cowl now I still await those levers from hongkong similar to the ones some have already purchased. forks to be changed by Maxton next :) that's if the missis does not find out
  6. D

    Ebay Shorty Levers - awesome

    Hello All I wanted to try shorty levers but instead of giving Yamaha £200 GBP I bought these from an Ebay Hong Kong shop, £15 for BOTH delivered! Brand new, finish on actual levers is fine, the hidden black metal brackets not perfect but pretty good. Take a look. Took all of 7 mins to fit...
  7. J

    Brake & Clutch Levers

    Hey guys Can anyone recommend a special brand of brake/clutch levers there is similar to the following pair from Rizoma: - Rizoma brake Lever adjustable RRC, model LBR205 - Rizoma Clutch Lever adjustable RRC, model LCR201 I like the Rizoma levers, but i think they are very expensive so i would...
  8. RichMT


    Looking at replacing the brake and clutch levers with a air of adjustable shorties from eBay (link below) but wondered what you guys thought of them before I go ahead. Yamaha MT 07 FZ 7 2014 2015 Strada 7 Racing Adjustable CNC Short Levers Red | eBay
  9. loneranger

    Evotech Shorty Levers for sale

    Evotech Performance Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Shorty | eBay
  10. Nuggets

    Strada 7 levers......anyone's experiences on quality?

    Yamaha MT-07 2014 Strada 7 Short Carbon Fiber Inlay Levers Black | eBay I know there are just as capable cheaper levers out there but has anyone had experience of strada levers? I'm happy to pay a bit of a premium for style but I'd like anyone's experiences on whether the quality is as good if...