1. B

    game over for mt-07

    sadly after 4 years very good return the mt-07 has been killed. had a driver stop dead in middle of roundabout leaving me no place to go but into them. even though it was a slow speed crash the head was damaged and forks bent so bike has been written off. bike had just over 8000 miles on it and...
  2. S

    After market exhaust and centre stand

    Need some help. I've had my MT07 about 15 months and 12,000 miles and it's about time to change the exhaust. Don't want to go mega expensive, so not Akra. Preferably no more than £350 approx. I would quite like a deeper sound and not mega loud. I also have the SW Motec centre stand fitted so...
  3. B

    Full original MT07 Exhaust (never used fitted an aftermarket one from new)

    Full original MT07 Exhaust (never used as I had an aftermarket one fitted from new) Anyone Interested make me an offer.
  4. N

    Black Widow Exhausts - a cautionary tale!

    Hi guys, just thought i'd post this thread to warn you of my personal experiences with Black Widow. Firstly I should say when I had an R6 decat system (when they were known as Sandy Bike Spares) from them it fitted great. Unfortunately the same cant be said for the £435 titanium decat system I...
  5. G

    New member from Dagenham, East London

    Hiya, I don't own an MT 07 (but that's the bike I originally wanted to get) but I am selling, a new, still wrapped SC Project full exhaust system for MT and a new MRA flyscreen. I created threads for both items, but I wasn't able to post them.... Anyway, it's cool to see so many fans of the...
  6. D

    Full SC Projects exhaust system

    Hey all, I have an SC Projects exhaust system for sale. It has done 1000 miles in the dry and looks practically new. There are no marks/scratches/blemishes, no rust or deterioration. The front and mid stainless pipes have slight discolouration due to the flow of heat but from the mid...
  7. A

    after market exhaust

    Hi, Im looking for an aftermarket exhaust 2017 MT07 Many thanks
  8. W

    Black Widow pre-install thoughts and ideas

    Hi Guys, So I finally got the 230mm GP style Black Widow exhaust, to be honest the bike has only done 55 miles (know that perhaps I should wait for the first service) but coming from a 2012 Dorsoduro supermoto with a nice growl and bearing in mind all my riding is in heavy commute traffic I...
  9. W

    Black Widow Exhaust - is it too loud for City Communting (230mm can)

    Hi Guys, Picked up my Moto Cage on Sunday and it is a great bike (farewell Aprilia Dorsoduro) the big downside (for me) is that unlike the Dorsoduro this thing is at quiet as a mouse. I really don't like filtering with this bike as it so quiet and I like to announce my arrival if possible to...
  10. Yaminator

    Scorpion Exhaust in titanium

    Hi Everyone I've got a used Scorpion Exhaust in titanium up for grabs for £275 and ill post with recorded delivery to UK only i must add the red enamel paint has come off around the exit hole which I preferred but if you don't scorpion will remedy this as it was a bad batch in manufacture.
  11. Bytom

    Same exhuast layout on diffent year mods ?

    Hey, im new to this forum so i apologize for any mistakes made. I'm currently a proud owner of a 2014 Yamaha Mt 07. My question is, since some of the webshops i have looked at offers anything for the 2014 model (because it didn't come out in the US until 2015, is there any difference i should...
  12. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU dillema, Akra Titanium Exhaust

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  13. B

    Quieter Option Than Black Widow Exhaust?

    Hi, I recently picked up a low mounted Black Widow Exhaust : MT07 MT-07 2014 2015 2016 2017 Low Level De-cat Exhaust System with 200mm Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Carbon Tip I should say the quality, fit and finish of the exhaust is outstanding. Especially for the price. So has been the...
  14. B

    Alternative to Black Widow Exhaust

    Hi, I picked up a Black Widow exhaust recently : MT07 MT-07 2014 2015 2016 2017 Low Level De-cat Exhaust System with 200mm Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Carbon Tip Absolutely no issues with the quality, fit or finish of the exhaust. Nor the customer service I've received from Black Widow. All are...
  15. K

    FS: MIVV Oval Carbon full exhaust

    SOLD: MIVV Oval Carbon full exhaust After switching the Yam for an Italian counterpart, I have a spare exhaust in my garage. Full kit with all the bits and pieces that it came with. About 8k kilometres ridden, zero crashes or dents. This pipe comes equipped with two dB-killers, so adjust the...
  16. D

    mt07 exhaust

    Can anyone tell me if I can fit an Acrapovic exhaust system from an MT07 on to my MT07 Tracer Cheers
  17. J-dan

    akrapovic exhaust & Nitron Shock

    Hello, I am in the process of selling my Mt-07 so I have taken off the exhaust and shock Akrapovic exhaust carbon comes with all fittings and instructions on how to fit has been on my bike for 1500 miles in very good condition I am after £375 ONO Nitron R1 shock has covered less than 500 miles...
  18. G

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Just thought I would post a quick video in case anyone else was considering an exhaust system for their mt07 from Black Widow Exhausts. I paid £240 for the whole system delivered next day. Fitting was super easy, and I think it sounds great! Will be posting more vids of it over the weekend...
  19. G

    eBay - SC Project Exhaust

    Hi all, Selling my 3 month old SC Project exhaust on Fleabay. Discovered that loud pipes aren't for me after all, but I know others love 'em! Yamaha MT 07 SC Project Exhaust. 3 months old! Great condition. Great sound! | eBay
  20. I

    SC Project - smoke from joints

    Hi guys, I fitted a SC Project exhaust using some copper grease in the process. It smokes around joints and it looks like the copper grease is burning. Should I clear it ant then reassemble the thing or let it burn or did I fucked the exhaust? Thanks.