Post a picture of your MT-07


Once your shiny new MT-07 arrives, post a picture here!

Here's mine on a sunny ride last saturday:



Nope, all old fashioned on this. I did think about it, but decided not to bother.

Fingers crossed I won't regret it. With the fairly wide and good tyres, the emrgency stops I tried pulled me up a lot quicker than I'd normally want to brake!


Nice one Busey! You got the bridgestones on yours then. I wonder if theres much difference?

Are you running yours in as per the book? Your exhaust looks like its seen some hot running already! ;-)


Keep the pictures coming guys. Do give some details of your bike too if you want. I may well try and tidy the thread later as it grows.


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Well here's mine. Bought on 11th March and due for it's first service next week.

front page web.jpg

Lovin' it so far!


Had a brilliant weekend of running in, covered over 200 miles and I am loving this bike.

The engine is a real peach, the handling is great and it is actually comfy for nearly a whole tankful.

It drew a bit of a crowd at loomies cafe when I stopped there this morning everyone saying they look way better in the flesh than in the pictures. Funny thing was that people wanted to hear it running, not quite sure what they were expecting lol but all said it was way too quiet for how it looked.

So far I couldn't be happier that I replaced the F800 with the MT, brilliant.

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HI mrirvs,

My last bike was a F800S too and I am waiting for my MT-07 now. Could you tell me something about the differences?

In my F800 I really hated the terrible engine noise, the too high seat position (I am vertically challenged), the unexpected stalling and unusable mirrors.
But I liked the good build quality, the excellent fuel consumption, good breaks and the powerful twin.

As far as I see you are not disappointed at all. Could you sum up your impressions? I would like to hear about the acceleration, fuel consumption, torque, ...etc.