MT-07 ALL Exhausts Comparison Video


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I found this video which compare all exhausts for MT-07

Very helpful if you are thinking which exhausts to upgrade and find the best sound you like.

You can click on the video for all exhausts timestamps & links

Which exhaust you liked the most?


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I've seen every video out there. I use the Yoshimura R77 in Stainless Steel full exhaust. No Db killer. Looks real good and sounds like a Ducati Monster, or so I've been told. I've even had people tell me it sounds like a small V-8. Retails for ~$850 and not too hard an installation. Might as well do the snorkel/air filter too, long as you have to remap anyway. It transforms the FZ07 from a great, fun bike to an evil, child scaring beast. No matter what exhaust you get, you will not regret it. The Akro is good, especially because they make a full system that is made specifically for the FZ07 and has it's own catalytic converter (no remap required), but it's $$$. Two Brothers is good, etc. etc.