Blank dash

Cerakoted FZ-07

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Hello everyone!
Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area, I’m new to using forums.
Anyway, I bought a 2015 FZ-07 with 6,800 miles and a full graves exhaust. I sent the ecu off last week to get flashed for the exhaust and a k&n intake filter. Plugged in the new ecu, connected the battery and put the bike back together. Went for a short ride and my digital dash started to wig out, it would freeze with gibberish on the screen. Turned it off then back on and it worked for about 10 seconds and the dash froze with what it was currently displaying, 40 mph and 3rd gear. Brought it home, shut it off and now the dash lights up (background) but doesn’t dislpay anything. Not even the start up display. Any ideas?