1. J

    Has anyone got bored of their MT07?

    Hi guys, I am currently on an L plate on a YBR125. I have my first DAS lesson next week, i'm excited but quite nervous to be honest as i have never ever rode a 600cc bike. I believe its a Suzuki Gladius 650? Anyway, I passed my CBT just before Xmas 2017, bought my 125 which i have had for 2 and...
  2. D


    Just to say hello to you all , my name is Dave and I got myself an MT-07 about a month ago and love it to bits , decided that at nearly fifty and with the back ache taking longer to go after every ride that it was time to give up the sports bikes for something with a better riding position , so...
  3. DJP

    Anyone had the Annual Service done yet?

    Mine's due the Annual / 6000m service next month and I'm just wondering how much I'm likely to get charged for it?
  4. loneranger

    Akrapovic Second Review from YouTube. 6 Months into the bike ownership

    Have look guys. I have posted one 6 month sago and this is the update. Enjoy