1. Scim77

    Ebay - chainguard for sale

    There is a genuine Yamaha Accessory upgrade chain-guard on Ebay Check this link:- MT-07 Chain-guard | eBay
  2. Scim77

    Chain guard rivets ?

    Looking at the Yamaha Parts catalogue, the chain guard seems to be retained by two screws and two rivets. Are these rivets re-useable or do they need drilling out and replacing?
  3. MT-0Devon

    Evotech rad guard fitted. What an improvement!

    Evotech Rad guard fitted today. It looks so much better even though the billeted rad sides have gone. Thumbs up from me!
  4. loneranger

    Infinite Radiator Guard for Sale

    Yamaha MT07 Infinite Radiator Cover Guard Protector | eBay
  5. H

    Evotech Rad Guard

    I have decided this is the one for me.. after much deliberation and browsing but..... Do you think i can find one online anywhere to purchase in the UK. Shame as its a really nice guard i'm sure they would sell loads if they were more widely available. If anyone spots any in UK for purchase...
  6. H

    Fender Extender

    Hi all, I have been advised that i will want to add a fender extender on to the rear of my front mud guard when i get my MT07 (January.... Doh) to stop lots of crap spraying back onto the bike. Has anyone else yet added one? as their are a few i could buy from the net and wanted to go with the...
  7. D

    Powerbronze Rad Guard

    Does Anyone use the Powerbronze Rad Guard. I was wondering what folks thought of it?
  8. B

    splashguard to keep muck out of the rear light connectors

    brianj here, had the bike for about aweek.don't like how muck could throw up into back light connectors, so I am making up a splash guard in thin alloy sheet.