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Yamaha MT-07 Tracer GT (2018) -
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Hello Peter, just bought damaged MT07 ABS to restore. If you are still offering link to download PDF of Service Manual I would really appreciate your response. Thanks James
Hi there. I noticed your post on the Sc project for the MT 07 and thought that I'd get in touch. I'm considering buying one for my bike as the sound on the stock exhaust is so crap. What's the sound like on your exhaust, I don't want anything too loud on mine just better than the stock? If you were ever around for me to take a look / listen that would be amazing. I live in Dalston but can easily get over to Box Hill. Cheers. Tom
I haven't actually brought it yet, I did then saw the postage was £60 so sacked it off and haven't been looking recently.
Hi Eddie,
Saw you posted about the moto cage fly screen.
Did you post any pics of it on and re sprayed.

If not - do you think you could take some please. Thinking of getting it.

Hi David...sorry for delayed reply... just saw this.

You have to adjust it a little at both ends if I'm not mistaken. I'm also using an R6 throttle tube tho so that could be why.
Hey Paulie,

My name is David, I had a question for you on your FZ-07. With the suburban machinery handlebars did you have to adjust the the clutch cable any after installing it, if so where? Up at the handlebars or down by the transmission?

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anytime you are near Portsmouth or if you go to Loomies cafe in West Meon let me know. Be good to get the bikes together and go for a ride :)