Yamaha MT-07 ABS 2019. Indicator cable connectors


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Evening All,

This will be my first post here so apologies if in advance if the post is incorrect.

I have just purchased myself the lovely Yamaha MT-07 ABS 2019, purchasing a few little extras.

I am having trouble setting up my aftermarket rear indicators, the indicators have the bullet connection type, but the Yamaha wiring loom has it's own three prong connectors. I have put a photo below of the bullet connector i am referring to.

The right indicator is the dark grey connector you can see below and the left one is the bigger lighter grey connector you can see. They are different and so I will need both connectors. For some reason all I can see online is the smaller dark grey connector and not the bigger one. Does anyone know why and more importantly do i even need it?

Am i missing something blatantly obvious?

Any help would be much appreciated as I have spent all day trying to rack my brains before posting this!