Phone holder for sat nav project


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About to start a new project to fit my nokia 630 phone to my MT07 (for sat nav purposes only). Ive ordered the following so far.

Yamaha Bracket so that the phone sits above the speedo:-

GPS Stay MT-07 - Functional - 1WS-234A0-00-00 - Yamaha Motor UK

Phone holder which covers the phone an still provides screen use:-

Waterproof Nokia Lumia 630 / Lumia 635 bike handlebar mount - German made - Holders and Mounts


the holder detaches from the handlebar mount, so when it arrives i need to engineer the back section bracket to fit to the yamaha unit somehow. probably will dismantle the rear handlebar bracket somehow.

Also ordered the usb port

Will update some pics when fitted.



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heres the final version. uses slimline spare nokia phone with preloaded sat nav and google map. Works perfect as its slim also. Used a yamaha gps bracket for £40 and bought the male and female holders from website below for 2.99 each plus postage. The male one came with mini screws which attach perfect to rear of yamaha bracket.

Let me know your comments . Think its perfect as its slim and snaps off. Fitting a usb cable tomorrow.

Herbert Richter holders and mounts



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Looks great , a lot better than my mirror mount which gets in the way of the display .nice tip also the Herbert richter mount .

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