MT 07 to be first bike


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Got my CBT booked for 7th Jan.
Once passed I'll get the theory booked and the DAS.

Been to Yamaha in Flitwick today to buy some clothing and a helmet.
They are my local dealer which is handy too.

The MT 07 will be my first bike.
I'm 41 now, so after owning 33 cars I think it's time for a change.
I'm not unused to 2 wheels having bee a very keen cyclist for 25 years.
I love bikes, motorised or not. Anything with wheels to be honest.

See you around.


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first bike

Hi Steve,
Welcome. I think the MT makes a good first bike as it is easy to ride but with enough performance so that you wont get bored too quickly anyway have fun


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Good luck and have fun. It is a cracking bike.

As banjo says, it is easy to ride and has enough performance to put a smile on your face without being stupidly fast but light and nimble enough to enjoy some lovely bends.


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Just bought a MT07 as my first proper bike. Been using a BWS125 for about 6 month for the commute to work as the traffic where i live can be shocking, so the ped re-ignited my desire to get my full licence and i'm 44 so i thought if i don't do it now i never will. Did my training in november and was lucky to get cancellations so it was all done and dusted in a couple of weeks & pleased to pass first time. Thought id get through Chrimbo and then maybe test ride a few bikes. Ended up testing the the MT & a Honda NC 750 (loved the idea of the storage compartment) the NC would have been very practical but the MT will be much more fun so went for it and bought a shop demonstrator with 300 miles on it.
Only a week in and loving it even though it's soddin rained every day, anywho it cant last. Like the others have said, it is a great first bike and the only negative i could say is the engine deceleration is a bit brutal and the bike can be a bit jerky whilst getting used to the gearing/acceleration.
Good luck with your bike :D