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This might be a dumb question, but being a techy, I was curious if there was any sort of protection that is needed for the digital display. I mean it is kind of out in the open. I could not really find much on it. Did not really know how water tight it was or how resistant to direct sun for extended periods of time. My thinking is it will be fine or they would not have put it there. But just curious to see others thoughts.


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The case is waterproof, and I bought a matt (antireflection) Ipad screen protector to avoid scratches. It's doing the job, I did cut it to the right measurements and even with the sun reflected in my face, it's easily readable.


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I have seen these things go black in very hot weather but not heard of the MT one doing it,
they recover ones you set off and they cool in the wind.


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Digging this post out and bringing it back to see the light of sun. Pun intended.
Sooo I'm super new to this forum, and I don't even have an MT-07. I plan to buy one very soon. Actually this is my first post ever.

I just wanted to comment that sun damage to LCD dashboards is a real thing and it will happen to your beloved one sooner or later. Especially if you live in a sunny place and leave it parked outside. It has to do with the technology and the UV coating of the screen that gets burned. I have seen it happen on my pegaso strada. It is non-reversible and temperature doesn't affect it.

Once I get my shiny MT-07 I will cover the screen with a piece of cloth or something while parked and I suggest everyone to do the same if you live in a sunny place.
(I live in Greece)


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Wont be needing that in England, sun damage is not something we need to worry about.. more like rust damage from the constant rain and the tons of salt the council use (mostly when not required)

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