Diagnostic tool 9089003182


ordered one last week for collection from local dealer it turned up and it has the wrong connector on it the lead has 3 pin triangular and not 4 pin square.

I have a 2014 ABS and purchased a code reader off ebay for £30 which claimed to work on later versions, it doesn't work on 2014 version but can't find out why as it supposed to work on vehicles as old as 1996

It's very difficult to get information on the OBD spec for the MT-07. The workshop use a great piece of software but I can't find it anywhere (or the converter box or leads), the diagnostic equipment quoted in the workshop manual for a 2014 is CDROM and PC interface based (90890-03231) it is £400+ if you can get hold of it but it's shown as obsolete.

I have an poor idling / stalling / rough running problem with a check engine light - I'd like to get to the bottom of it myself but Yamaha aren't making it easy, despite being through the manual and testing all the components I can, which are in spec the ECU holds the secret with a fault code, the bugger isn't giving it up without a fight