Current waiting times and Prices


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Hi all,

New to the biking scene following my mid life crisis (don't knock it I'm loving it!). Got my full test in the next few weeks after riding a 125 for the last year. I've done my research and settled on the MT-07 as fitting my requirements and being a great bike anyway.

Had a chat with my local dealer recently and it seems there's still a bit of a waiting time for new bikes. Anyone had any recent experience with order time to receipt? Also, with the popularity of the bike I'm assuming there's not much point in haggling on the price? I'm looking to buy cash for an ABS version. I hate haggling but still wan't to get the best deal I can - don't we all?

Any advice and experiences greatly received.




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I went for the 2015 Race Blu without ABS which they had literally taken delivery of one the day before I went in so no waiting times for me, however I have heard of people having to wait a couple of months for the one they want (absolutely stupid if you ask me plenty more options out they but each to their own I suppose).

You will love the bike, its brilliant, so forgiving and easy to ride. If this is your first bike then good choice!

I didn't even question the price I wanted it even if they over charged me I was buying it there and then.


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They seemed to have a few in stock in Fleetwood NW UK last week look in the net for Raceways they deliver all over the place.


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Been given a delivery time of Jan. I have ordered a 2016 Race Blu MT-07ABS, i did order it two days ago.

It will be a long wait!


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Depends what yr looking for, but there are 2015 models still around, our local dealer (Moores in Hemel) are offering 2015 non-ABS for c£5350, and 2015 ABS for c£5750. No prices shown for the 2016 models yet. Prices are "plus first registration fee" etc.