Bar End mirrors


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Hello guys, I need some help.
My bike got the original mirrors broken after a car hit my bike while park so I thought about buying end bar mirrors.

I got first this model because I like how they look 1 Pair Universal 7/8" Bar End Motorcycle Aluminum Side Rearview Mirror Black | eBay

I couldn't install them as the nut and the expansion plastic doesn't fit inside the handlebar.

After that I check ebay again and I bought this other model Universal Black Motorcycle bike 7/8" Bar End Rear Side View Mirrors Cafe Racer | eBay

In the second model I got a nut that is smaller but the 2 adaptors that come with the mirrors, to fit inside the handlebar, are or too small or too big... I'm a bit mad, I bought 2 models and I can't install them.

Am I missing something? Do i need any adaptor? I don't understand...

I saw videos on youtube where the guys are installing this mirrrors with no problems but for what I know my handlebar is OEM so for what I read is 7/8"

Can you help me please. I don't want to spend the money that the Rizoma mirrors cost as they are too expensive in my opinion...