1. B

    Front wheel removal

    Safe removal of front wheel without front wheel jack required. regards Brianj
  2. A

    Doubt on diference in Parts Brazil.

    Good Afternoon, Recetly i have bought some axle sliders from R&G for the MT 07. The problem began when they arived, i notice that there is a bar on them that goes inside the axle wheel and shaft pivot. The problem is in Brazil those parts are solid. So there is no place to them to be instaled...
  3. S

    Wheel Armour and Wheel Rim Stickers

    I soon take delivery of a new MT-07 and want to put wheel armour on the wheels to protect them, probably I will use Gtechniq C5. My question is would you advise applying wheel rim stickers before or after applying the wheel armour? Many thanks
  4. M

    Steering wheel issue

    Hello everyone here!:) I have the MT-07 six months about and i have a small issue with the steering wheel. The issue with the steering wheel is just a little bit twisted to the right, that was existed from the date of purchase (brand new bike). I went to Yamaha dealer but said me this is not...
  5. T

    Can't remove rear axle nut

    Hi guys, I wanted to take of my rear wheel to balance it as I had a small crash and the wheel wasn't balanced anymore. I loosed up the nut and made around 3 turns. After which the nut got stuck. I thought that I need to use the bigger wrench so I got it. It went a little more but the align...
  6. S

    Mud and Muck everywhere. Rear Wheel Hugger?

    I have been riding my new MT 07 for only 1 week and it already looks like I have been doing off-road cross country riding! It's filthy from where the rain has come off the back tyre. It's even sprayed up my back on to my helmet! Although, I admit that I did put on a tail tidy. Will a rear wheel...
  7. spencer

    Rear wheel

    Cleaning bike at the weekend and found blue paint on cloth when cleaning rear wheel. Is anyone else having the same problem.
  8. L

    New happy owner

    Hi all Picked up my race blue MT07 on Thursday. Options include R&G crash protectors, small front screen, akrapovic titanium pipe, rear wheel bobbins Went out for my first cold ride today, very very happy! Cheers
  9. N

    rear wheel stand?

    I wanted to get a rear wheel stand for my MT. When I was at the shop to arrange transport home I asked for one, but he looked at the bike and shook his head and said he had no idea, especially with the rear hub sliders fitted. Have seen many people on youtube who has these and when installing...

    demo ride at Bill smiths

    hi all so I am off to the MCN show this week, my aim is to see what is out there before I spend my hard earned cash, The Mt 07 tickled my fancy with it's style and the smashing reviews it appears to be getting. so yesterday off to bill smiths and I took out their demo ABS version. first thing I...
  11. Yaminator

    Removing the back wheel

    Anyone got ideas on how to remove the back wheel safely? The only way i can think of is using an ABBA stand.?
  12. B

    Skidmarx Hugger

    About to fit one of these huggers. anybody fitted one,? existing "hugger" seems to be attached to right swinging arm by some sort of rivet ,cant quite see as I haven't taken wheel out yet,if it is a rivet best drilled out?Regards BrianJ.
  13. Irksome

    Squeaky front brake

    Any obvious ideas as to what I can do about my squeaky front brake - only does it at low speed. Also my ABS kicks in on the back wheel when I downshift hard (locking the wheel momentarily) ... which then means if I need to apply back brake the pedal is hard as rock!
  14. P

    Need help...stock wheel specs, anyone?

    Does anyone have the stock wheel specs by chance? Looking for specific sizes, weights, or any other info...such as what wheels from other bikes will be a direct bolt on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) - Paulie Read more: Need help...stock wheel specs, anyone? | FZ-07 Forums
  15. sarandis10

    Leovince exhaust

    So i was thinking of buying this : 8796 SCARICO COMPLETO LEOVINCE UNDERBODY Yamaha MT-07 2014 | eBay i think that it comes in a good price what do you think? my only concern is that it is really close to the rear wheel and the fumes.......pointing the rear tyre! do you think that this mite be a...
  16. I

    Rear Wheel Bolt - Bad setup

    I had adjusted my chain about a week ago and yesterday I heard a clicking noise as I moved the bike in the garage, I thought maybe I'd overtightened the chain or misaligned the wheel. So put the bike on side stand and checked, chain slack was 52mm, a bit tight maybe so thought I'd slacken it a...