1. F

    Anybody built a Streetracker og Scrambler edition?

    Yamaha DT-07 Street Tracker, FZ-07 Based Flat-Track Concept | Cycle World I really like this one There is also a version based on the XSR Vorstellung JvB-moto Yamaha MT super7 - Motorräder |
  2. D

    Security chains

    Hi Newbie alert! I collect my new Yamaha MT07 this Saturday. This is my first bike at the tender age of 48 - my midlife crisis according to my wife! I'm going to be using it to commute to the station daily through the summer, so I need a good lock to keep it secure. Looking at the Thatcham...
  3. R

    Mt07 abs version speedometer needed

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a used UK speedometer ( abs version ) Thanks
  4. A

    Derestricting the LAMS MT 07

    I followed this Forum's threads and did the following to my wife's LAMS MT 07 1 Removed the throttle limiter so the inlet butterflies open completely, not partially 2 Fitted a K&N free flow air filter 3 Reamed out the 30mm diameter inlet restrictors to the 41mm diameter of the inlets 4...

    seat cowl

    Hi all I am after the a seat cowl for my cage, I have looked at the aftermarket brands that to be fair are ok , but colour and design do not float my boat. being a brand snob I as a consolation think the Yamaha version is still only ok but does has that brand stamp [ MT 07] in the cushion part...
  6. G

    You know why Aus gets the carp gutless LAMS version?

    Wonder why Yamaha went to all the trouble to make a special garbage version of the MT07? It is an insult and a pay back for Casey Stoner flogging them in MotoGp on Ducati's and Handa's. Didn't realize that did you. In Eurpoe they just put a throttle restrictor on, but here ECU specially made so...
  7. B

    MT07 Australia Group

    Hi We have recently set up a Aussie MT owners group Please feel free to come have a look ad discuss our unique version of the model. NZ and other LAMS countries welcome. Regards
  8. da1kini

    New MT 07 launched

    What do you guys think about this one? MT-07 Moto Cage ABS 2015 Features & techspecs - Motorcycles - Yamaha Motor UK And the new extreme yellow version? :) I really hope Yamaha makes it so you can buy parts from different bikes and choose the good stuff of each!