1. B

    What engine oil are you using?

    Time for a service and this time I will do it myself as the price is too steep at the shop. Wondering what oil people are using, feel this Yamalube semi synth is going bad a bit fast (feel it when shifting).
  2. DJP

    Bye-Bye MT07

    Well, I traded in my MT07 today and collect my new bike on Monday. The 07 has been a good little bike but I've come to the conclusion that I prefer something larger with more cylinders. Trouble is, bikes like that now seem to fall into two categories: Full-on sportsbikes (which are just too...
  3. L

    Handlebar vibes

    Past weekend I had a 400km trip, and noticed that cruising in 6th gear around 120-130km/h (about 80mph), the handlebar suffers from intense vibrations, to the extent that my right hand gets totally numb in a matter of minutes, forcing me to release the grip time to time to "awake" it... have you...
  4. S

    Time to say goodbye...

    Hey guys, hope you're all good :) Afraid it's time to say goodbye to my beloved MT tomorrow, trading her in for a new Ducati Monster 821. What an absolutely amazing bike the MT has been though, if i could afford to keep both I would. Had so much help and advise off you guys too :) Imgur: The...
  5. N

    AAAAAAnd she's gone.....

    Well everyone. The MT is gone, sold, and the new owner has taken it home. Now there is an empty space in my garage, and I'm not sure when that will be filled by something else. Not even sure what bike I will get as a replacement. In the past weeks I have ridden: -BMW S1000RR, S1000R...
  6. Yaminator

    I'm going to do it

    I've had enough.. the indicator switch gear is getting changed..! & as i ride a different bike too its dangerous for me.. I'm trying to use the horn and when i cant find it, the next time it might be to late. :(
  7. Yaminator

    The Daam Bars

    My handlebars keep going rusty under the throttle twist grip i notice this because i dont get that smooth operation like you should.... I think its going to have to be Renthal time. ??
  8. Yaminator

    The winter hack

    Anyone else have a winter hack? ive always have . I mean i'm very fond of my MT & its really bugs me using in the salty slip. So i have a Honda scooter to carry me on the commute over the Crappy months.. Its also using something different.. being an auto makes for time out too. ts also my...
  9. O

    New member/fellow MT07-rider from Germany

    Hey all, Jan here, from the northern part of Germany. I've wanted to ride for a long time but never seemed to have the funds (earlier days) or the time (recent days) to get around to it. I finally got my license in June 2014, my MT07 in grey 4 (very long =P ) weeks later and am as happy as can...
  10. W

    Current waiting times and Prices

    Hi all, New to the biking scene following my mid life crisis (don't knock it I'm loving it!). Got my full test in the next few weeks after riding a 125 for the last year. I've done my research and settled on the MT-07 as fitting my requirements and being a great bike anyway. Had a chat with my...
  11. W

    What would be the proper screen if I buy the 2016 FZ-07 Matte Silver?

    :) I like the colors of the 2016 Matte Silver MT-07. I'm thinking of trading my 2007 ER6F for it. About the freeway: I really like riding on the freeways, but I don't do it all of the time, just some of the time, and I don't want to ride over 100 mph because of the strict speeding laws where I...
  12. N

    Chain marked swingarm at 390 miles!

    Quick word of warning to those with new bikes especially. Checked my chain tension at 390 miles for first time this morning (I know, I should use it more, and clearly should have checked it more especially), despite correct running in procedure ie not revving the nuts off it or pulling wheelies...
  13. MrSquidbeak


    Took the MT-07 out yesterday and fitted my Pillion seat to the bike for the first time as the misses decided she would come out and enjoy the New Forest sunshine too. I used to take the misses out on the back of the Ninja all the time but wasn't looking forward to it on the MT-07 due to how...
  14. Yaminator

    Sorted the ABBA STAND problem

    Its been bugging me for a while now so i thought i'd take the risk? I hacked off the caps that are on the side covers so i don't have to keep taking of the side covers every time i want to use the ABBA STAND. Plus side it looks great and i can now easily use the greatest center stands
  15. Yaminator

    Anyone else with this clutch problem..

    Has anybody else got a snappy clutch, also it seems to squeak for the first time when not used for a couple of days..?
  16. D


    Just to say hello to you all , my name is Dave and I got myself an MT-07 about a month ago and love it to bits , decided that at nearly fifty and with the back ache taking longer to go after every ride that it was time to give up the sports bikes for something with a better riding position , so...
  17. D

    Pillion seat!!!

    Ok who's got a pillion seat they don't want anymore I got a project in mind and don't want to fork out for a new one if it doesn't work. not asking for charity willing to buy it off you, please PM if you can help... Thanks for your time
  18. RichMT

    Recommended dealer in Northampton

    I've had my MT-07 for only a few days but I've been visiting my local Yamaha dealer, Motorcycle World in Northampton, for the last couple of months. They. Are a bunch of really nice guys who are serious enthusiasts and are willing to spend time chatting any time. I had visited dealers further...
  19. DJP

    Don't Buy a Yamaha

    I had a minor prang on 1st February and the insurer authorised repairs a week later. The bike is still in the shop today awaiting parts, which won't be in until next week. Yep, 6+ weeks for parts. The last time I had a Yam, 20 odd years ago, it was just the same. Not impressed.
  20. bubbles

    Hello from Northampton

    Good afternoon all, I'm returning to biking after a 16 year break and I'm picking up my shiny new Matt grey MT07 next week :) I was so close to buying a Street Triple before I gave the MT a test ride, it was so awesome and I saved myself a few quid as well. My last bike was a NC30 which was...