1. N

    Tank sticker removal

    Any tips on removing that black/orange tank sticker on left tank cover panel? Clear plastic layer peeled off but not the layer below when I tried, admittedly was v cold yesterday but looks like the adhesives gonna put up quite a fight. Anyone tried petrol, or any other ideas?? Thanks
  2. M

    "read the manual" warning sticker

    So i just got my new mt07 delivered ( obligatory pic ) now i want to take off that big ugly warning sticker on the tank, anyone got any tips or experience on the best way to do this? also: first time posting, long time lurker, feels good to be part of the mt07 club :cool:
  3. M

    The owner manual warning sticker

    So i just got my brand new mt 07 ( obligatory picture : imgur: the simple 404 page ) And first order of business is taking off that ugly warning sticker on the tank. Anyone got any tips on how to do this?
  4. Yaminator

    The Akrapovic...

    Guys I've noticed that while I've been browsing the internet looking at exhausts I can't help thinking what's the difference between the akroprovic's because one has laser etch badge and the other has a sticker..? Could one be a fake.?? Please rest my mine maybe some of you have the sticker one...