1. DJP

    MT07 Standard Handlebars

    If you've got a set of standard bars in good nick I'd be interested. Many thanks!
  2. G

    Standard Comfy or Bespoke Seat Modification MT-07 2015

    Hi, Would anyone recommend the standard MT07 Comfy Seat Yamaha MT-07 Comfort Seat 1WS-247C0-00-00 of a bespoke seat modification to stop my arse pains after riding for just an hour? Took a ride out for 2.5 hours last weekend and by heck, the pains in my rear were horrendous.:eek: It felt as if...
  3. S

    Next in my series of pointless questions . . . why do people change their exhaust?

    I'll start with with a full and transparent disclosure - I'm not a fan of noisy exhausts, and this colours my judgement. Although that means I come across as skeptical, I'm still interested in what people say. So there are a lot of posts / threads about exhausts here, and I honestly find it a...
  4. Gee

    Pyramid Plastics Colour match?

    Any one got anything 'White' from them? Thinking of getting a hugger and was wondering how close their white is to the standard MT white? Don't want to spend £50 more for a fake carbon looking one unless I really have to.
  5. P

    First Dyno run, standard bike

    My first Dyno run, standard bike 2,800 miles on the clock. I will post an update when i have fitted the Mivv oval carbon exhaust I've just ordered, hopefully i will do a run on the Dyno with and without the DB killer to see what difference there is.
  6. F

    Greetings from East London

    Hi all, I've posted on here a few times already but never actually said hello! Currently living in East London, and the MT07 is my first bike after having passed my test 7 years ago. Took delivery at the beginning of May and already been through the first service and touching 1000 miles :)...
  7. H

    1000 Miles

    Just reached 1000 miles and have to say i am still loving this bike... Absolutley superb bike. I don't ride it on a daily basis hence the reason its taken me a while to get here... My only ever complaint was the standard exhaust but once thats changed the bike Rocks... Who Agrees ...
  8. Torque

    Ride for PS4, PS3, XBox 1, XBox 360 and Steam

    There's a new motorcycle game called Ride coming out on 20th March 2015. I thought it might interest folk here because it's got loads of standard 2014 bikes from all the major manufacturers, including (of course) the MT-07 and MT-09. Here's the official site: Ride Videogame Here's the list of...
  9. T

    MT-07 Exhaust Sound & Essential Mods

    Hi All, RE: I don't like the standard sound of the MT-07, I just expected more and yeah maybe it is a superficial thing but I want it sounding better. What options do I have to deal with this? Options...