1. Yaminator

    DB Killer

    Has anyone ever experimented with the DB killer to get a better sound??? If so, what worked for you? Im after something in between for sound.... i hope you guys can help, Thanks.
  2. Artem

    Horn failing intermittently

    Hey guys, During the last several days I noticed that the horn sometimes fail to emit any sound. It started as occasional failures where I had to press the button twice. Now on the last ride it didn't beep at all. Today I disconnected the horn, tested the voltage and it was fine at 12v...
  3. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 SC Project CR-T Flyby & Sound check
  4. TomHow

    Fitting Tiger Exhaust to MT07 video

    Hi all new member here just got my MT07 2015 model I am living here in Istanbul, Turkey as a teacher. I hunted for an exhaust system and the usual suspects are way to much money so I bought a Turkish made system and I am very impressed with the quality and sound. I did a small video of the...
  5. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 Akrapovic Carbon VS Titanium

    Here is a short video with the sound comparison between Carbon and Titanium Akrapovic:
  6. 1

    Bike got stuck during stationary rest

    Hi guys, it's been awhile. I had this rather peculiar issue with my machine. It seems like sometimes when I want to push the bike out from stationary rest, the bike is 'stuck' and cant be move. Gear is in neutral. And I had to like uhm, force push it and I will clear a rather loud thud...
  7. Z

    Best Exhaust System

    Since stock exhaust sounds like a kids toy, i want an exhaust first thing as soon as i purchase the MT-07. Which one though, Arrow, Yoshi or the Akrapovic collab. Which sounds better, and which will have the least problems and wear the engine. I'd imagine the Akrapovic since it is directly in...
  8. N

    Ear phones

    Anyone use earphones, and which ones? I have a shoei gt-air helmet and I don't need ear plugs for noise, I have had no problems with noice in day trips so I don't feel that I need them for that. The wind noise is not an issue before I get past 100kph, and I don't go at those speeds for long...
  9. r6realtor

    Blasting around town and a few wheelies

    Loving this bike and sounds absolutely amazing with the akrapovic exhaust on it! Trying to work out my microphone that's why I only have sound clips of me taking off for the most part, once I reached 25-30mph the wind noise was horrible.
  10. W

    Stock exhaust mod deep rumble

    Hi guys, since I first bought my australian mt07 I was unhappy with the lack of exhaust sound and it's tinny rattle, before I bought a $1000 exhaust I thought stuff it il have a go at drilling the stock muffler and to my surprise it sounds amazing to me and has no tinny rattle anymore. At the...
  11. Dave R

    Alternative Exhaust

    Hi, this is an alternative exhaust I highly recommend, From Italy via ebay. It looks good and sounds amazing, loud but not too much far nicer sound than the Akra. Revs better and no adverse effect on riding other than the glorious sound, It comes with a db killer which is fitted. The exhaust is...
  12. X

    MT-07 exhaust comparison

    Hey MT-07 users I'm looking for ppl that have other exhaust on their bikes then the stock one. I'm considering in changing mine to akrapovic or an arrow shorty Does anyone have one of thouse exhaust or even both? or can anyone make a vid about the sound of thouse 2 exhaust with the same camera...
  13. T

    MT-07 Exhaust Sound & Essential Mods

    Hi All, RE: I don't like the standard sound of the MT-07, I just expected more and yeah maybe it is a superficial thing but I want it sounding better. What options do I have to deal with this? Options...