1. DJP

    MT07 Standard Handlebars

    If you've got a set of standard bars in good nick I'd be interested. Many thanks!
  2. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Hand Guards

    I am looking for a set of Moto cage hand guards. I am about to buy the Moto cage fly screen as its the only one that looks acceptable for the front a in my opinion, but would like some hand guards to match, I will be painting the screen and hand guards to match my bike just missing a set of...
  3. F

    Best bar end weights for mirrors

    Hey all, I'm looking for some replacement bar-end weights that are threaded, but also allow bar end mirrors to be used. Rhinomoto in the US make a perfect set, and they will ship to the UK, but once you factor in import duty and shipping, they become quite pricey. I bought a set of universal...
  4. Yaminator

    My fellow MT7 riders i need your help with something

    Hi guys can you help me? What it is, the other day i stopped at a set of lights with the bike in first gear and because i knew these set of lights was a long wait i hit the kill switch on the handle bar then waited. After a while just before my lights went green i put the handlebar switch to on...
  5. L

    Sat Nav

    Can anyone confirm the following for me please regarding a Garmin Zumo 340LM 1 This will mount OK using the Yamaha GPS mount for the MT07 2 The headphone socket gives the turn directions through a set of headphone, or a suggestion for a cheap set of Bluetooth headphones that works with this...

    suspension link

    Hi all We are all aware of the suspension shortcoming on the MT, and many a discussion has been had by me and many others. to throw a further item in the ring that works out cheaper than Maxton is something that appears to do the same as the Maxton set up with a cartridge on the front and...
  7. RichMT

    New Yamaha MT-03 on the way

    Curtesy of Bike Social (UK)... Read the rest of the article here.
  8. SirLightyear

    Sports Handlebars?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to resolve my handlebar issue. I disliked the stock ones as I prefer more agressive style of riding and cornering. That is why I went with the LSL Handlebar. It is lower, a bit more set forward and with less pullback. However, as I ride, I think that it was a mistake...
  9. spoonflames

    remove front and rear indicators

    Hi forgive my stupidity, but i have a set of LED indicators i want to replace the stock ones, how do i actually get the stock ones off :(