1. M

    hyperpro lowering question

    Hi folks, I was reading the post from bluemachine about the hyper pro lowering kit (front and rear). I found a retailer here in the US. decent prices. They could do the install for me as well and I was wondering how long that type of service might be. so that I have a good ball park estimate...
  2. Yaminator

    The 6k Service

    I just got a quote from my yamaha dealers for the 6K mile service they came back with £200......
  3. Eddieh93

    5000 Mile Service

    Does anyone know what's involved in a 5000 mile service I'm sick of paying expensive labour charges when I could probably do it myself. Is it just brake pads, oil, chain tensioning and clean and oil and bits like that or is it internal engine checks?
  4. L

    MT-07 Odometer issues!!

    Just changed the clock and brightness on my bike when I looked the mileage had gone up 300miles from 496 to 796 WTF! Going in for its first 600mile service tomorrow so will quiz the dealer. Anybody else had this problem? Cheers
  5. Yaminator

    Its dilemma time? The 2nd service

    Because i'm a guy that's ALWAYS had bikes with the 4k service intervals, i'm feeling a bit awkward with the MT coming up to 4K miles as it don't really need a service till 6k So what do i do? Do they recommend the 6k service to keep costs down or simply say it because it don't need it till...
  6. N

    First service done (1000km)

    So today I got my bike back from its 1000km service, almost run-in now (1300km, 300 to go). This service was not cheap (300€/220£), but I guess it's just something you have to deal with. Going in to service I did not expect much, oil change and some inspection items and maybe some adjustments, I...
  7. xt660isgood2

    2nd Service on Weds

    Hello all, Got my 2nd service coming up on Weds. Just wondering what it cost you all? Also they are doing the batt recall lead. Guessing it's just an oil change an general check? Well out of my comfort zone here coz normally do all the spannering but keeping the book up to date. After this one...
  8. addy

    Led Plus Indicator wiring help

    nvm, figured it out please delete this thread
  9. DJP

    Anyone had the Annual Service done yet?

    Mine's due the Annual / 6000m service next month and I'm just wondering how much I'm likely to get charged for it?
  10. GuyInTheCorner

    New exhaust. Do I need new gaskets as well?

    Hi Guys. I've hammered my credit card and bought myself a new Leovince exhaust. I'm fairly new to working on the bike myself but I'm pretty mechanically minded am determined to learn. It's just the experience I don't have. I've got all the tools & copper grease I'll need to fit it. My question...
  11. RAYDEO

    Coming out party... for the bike

    so she's been parked up for 2 months since i bought her, but this weekend shes going in for her first service and finally will be out on the roads again! cant wait!! is there anything i should specifically get the workshop to look at, remembering this is the first service...
  12. Ralph

    MT-07 Recalls and Service bulletins

    A recall is going to be issued for some MT-07's due to the positive battery lead being to short and a problem with a seat bracket. Yamaha recalls MT-07 for potential fire risk caused by defective electrical wiring Think mine is one of them.
  13. loneranger

    Service No 2

    Can anyone recommend whenI should do next service. I anat 2800 miles now. Thinking of another oil and filter change perhaps? I have anakrafitted also and hearing on these forums i should be asking the dealer to sync the fuel balance or something also? any advice please