1. J

    MT-07 for short riders?

    Hi guys, newbie here thanks for accepting me. I am currently on my learners licence here in the UK but hoping to pass my full test in the next couple months. I went to view an MT03 today as I love the look of them, their lightweight, low seat height and would be perfect for me. I’m 5 foot 3 on...
  2. B

    Ermax Seat Cover

    Hi Guys. If someone has got one of these would you answer the 2 following questions please? 1.If you want to remove the pillion seat does the cover come away with it? If not can the cover be quickly removed? 2 by how much does the cover increase the seat height? no good if I cant get my leg...
  3. G

    Comfy Seat People in UK????

    Any know or recommend a guy or gal who can modify the bog standard MT07 seat in the UK? My rear is still recovering after a 2.5 hour ride 3 days ago:( Any help would be a big relief. Cheers.
  4. G

    Standard Comfy or Bespoke Seat Modification MT-07 2015

    Hi, Would anyone recommend the standard MT07 Comfy Seat Yamaha MT-07 Comfort Seat 1WS-247C0-00-00 of a bespoke seat modification to stop my arse pains after riding for just an hour? Took a ride out for 2.5 hours last weekend and by heck, the pains in my rear were horrendous.:eek: It felt as if...
  5. J

    New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar

    What do you think about this? Have a look to this link New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar Hand Rail for Yamaha MT 07 MT07 2013 2015 | eBay
  6. addy

    Yamaha Comfort seat

  7. F

    Yamaha comfort seat

    Just got the Yamaha comfort seat and installed it on the bike. Have not been able to try it out yet because of snow and ice covering most of Sweden :p The seat looks amazing and from just sitting on the bike in the garage I think it will be great for longer trips. Cant wait for summer to...
  8. robodene

    A Seat Mod

    I have been very happy with the general design of the seat - shape, size and orientation, but it does seem to lack some foam. I have made an additional padding unit of neoprene foam and neoprene sheet as an experiment. I have mainly given extra support to the 'sit' bones. It seems to work static...

    genune yamaha rear seat cowl

    Hi all as Yam are a bunch of Knobs it comes with great sadness that I will need to sell my 1 month old seat cowl. you may ask why I should slag off the company who have given us such a sweet motor. Well it don't F -IN fit when you add a genuine Yamaha rear rack. so as you know Yamaha gear is...

    yamaha product incapatability with yamaha product

    Hi All well I am well p....d off, I have fitted a Yamaha rear rack, which by the way was fun... luckily I was able to get the side plastics with the rack and box so no cutting to my plastic and after a little while I managed to get it all together only to find that I can't put my seat...
  11. F

    Ermax Seat Cowl (Satin Grey/Satin Black)

    I've got an unused Ermax seat cowl for sale. I ordered this for my bike, and it turned out to be the wrong colour. Unfortunately as its a special order part, I can't return it. It's the correct colour scheme for the 2014 Grey/Blue bike I believe. I have a 2015 which is more silver. It cost me...
  12. Eddieh93

    Single Seat Conversion

    I am looking at buying a pillion seat cover or Yamaha original replacement but begrudge paying Yamaha's extortionate prices for what I think doesn't look that good. I have found 2 alternatives, just wondering if anyone has either of these and what's the verdict. Any input is much appreciated.
  13. addy

    Rear panel screw snapped.

    Picked up some led indicators and went to fit them today, lifted the rear seat and started to remove the plastic panel that sits between the front and rear seat. The left screw came out without any issues but the plastic on the right one just snapped as soon as I touched it. Looks like whoever...
  14. I

    Seat Comfort Options

    I'm finding my seat just so uncomfortable after 20 miles or more. Spoke to two companies and they both suggest adding 1-2 inches of foam should do the trick. Have any other members had there seat upgraded with more foam or gel and the effect it has had. Would be good to hear what options work...
  15. M

    Shad SH42 top case mounted on the pillion

    For those of you who want storage once in a while but without the hideous holders around the tail. Pretty simple, a SW-Motech seat rack with 4 holes drilled for the Shad base plate. Then just snap the whole thing on like you do a normal pillion seat. The rubber stoppers underneath are quite...

    New Yamaha seat cowl

    Hi all well here she is...a week of waiting for my yam seat cowl now I still await those levers from hongkong similar to the ones some have already purchased. forks to be changed by Maxton next :) that's if the missis does not find out
  17. Eddieh93

    Slippy Seat

    Has anyone found a seat that is a bit more grippy than the OEM one, as I feel like i slip around the place quite a lot? Or am i going to have to find some grippy material and cover the seat myself?

    seat cowl

    Hi all I am after the a seat cowl for my cage, I have looked at the aftermarket brands that to be fair are ok , but colour and design do not float my boat. being a brand snob I as a consolation think the Yamaha version is still only ok but does has that brand stamp [ MT 07] in the cushion part...
  19. wirld

    Fitting a Shad SH40 to the MT-07

    Hi All, For those who are interested... I wasn't wild about fitting the large MT-07 racks available from Yamaha, Ventura, SW-motech etc...I didn't really like the look of the bike with the top case fitted so far back...nor did I like the look of it when the top case was removed. But I wanted a...
  20. H

    Comfort seat

    Does anyone have one and is the difference from the standard one worth the cost? Just done my first longish day 285 miles on the mt07 and after about 150 miles that seat wasn't pleasant. Have previously done several few hundred mile days on my old bike (Hornet) with no issues. Also I cycle a...