1. Ralph

    MOT time

    MT passed it's first MOT today with flying colors, no problem at all 12200 miles likely to put it up for sale though as having problems with arthritis in my hands.
  2. F

    The beginning of the end...

    So that's it then. I've ordered a new bike to replace the MT07. Shiny new black BMW s1000r should be arriving in the first week of May! P.s. Will be putting mt07 up for sale soon :)
  3. MrSquidbeak

    My MT-07 2015 up for sale

    So selling my beloved Yamaha MT-07 2015 (64 reg) motorcycle, I am the 1st owner of this bike and brought it outright from Crescent Yamaha Bournemouth so no HP on the bike. Genuine reason for sale, selling to put the money into a family car as expecting first baby in April ? Bike is a 2015...
  4. loneranger

    Levers for sale

    Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable | eBay Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable and Folding | eBay
  5. J

    2014 MT07 for sale £4000

    Selling my beloved MT07 going travelling. Just over 4000 miles used weekly doing 200 miles a week. Has a couple of scratches one on the exhaust cover. One on the right handle bar end and on the wing mirrors where I walked it into the garage and fell over. Will add photos when I work it ok. My...
  6. Eddieh93

    Original Parts for sale

    Hi all, I have some original parts for sale, they are as follows; Rear Fender/Number Plate Holder Foot Pegs Passenger footpegs with Hangars Levers I imagine nobody wants most of them, but if any of you do let me know and we can work a discounted price out obviously for the fellow MT riders...
  7. MrSquidbeak

    Any motorcycle or car sales person in the area of Wiltshire/ Hampshire?

    Hi everyone Looking for someone who is a motorcycle or car sales person in the area of Wiltshire/ Hampshire? Message me if you are i have a proposition for you. Thanks
  8. L

    Unique MT07 BOY private plate for sale

    As per the title this unique plate is for sale, the plate is currently on my MT07. Please DM if you are interested. Looks cracking on the bike! Cheers Matt
  9. D

    can anyone help my fos sale item post

    Hi, Have 2 posts which are identical in the For Sale items. I tried to edit the posts today, which I thought was succesful, but now I can't view them ony the titles. Anyone able to help, Thanks, Mal
  10. loneranger

    Rider Foot Pegs for Sale

    Yamaha MT07 Rider Foot Rest Peg Original Manufacture | eBay
  11. loneranger

    Infinite Radiator Guard for Sale

    Yamaha MT07 Infinite Radiator Cover Guard Protector | eBay
  12. loneranger

    Evotech Shorty Levers for sale

    Evotech Performance Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Shorty | eBay
  13. Yaminator

    Accessories for your MT07 on sale

    Yamaha MT-07 Accessories | Genuine Yamaha Accessories for MT 07
  14. Yam MT 07

    Pillion seat wanted

    hi everyone , has anyone got a pillion seat for MT 07 for sale ? cheers all