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    Throttle body synching

    Hello.New guy here.Wondering about synchronizing the throttle bodies on my FZ-07.I'm going to order the gauges to do it.Just wondering,it looks like I'll have to disconnect the MAP sensor to hook up the one gauge.Will the bike run with it disconnected?Will it run poorly preventing me from...
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    If in doubt ask akrapovic

    After buying the akrapovic exhaust i read a lot about trimming and drilling the baffle insert, just to make a little more noise. And people where saying you need a fuel controller as your creating less back pressher ect. So i sent akrapovic a question asking for there advise on baffle in and...
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    First Dyno run, standard bike

    My first Dyno run, standard bike 2,800 miles on the clock. I will post an update when i have fitted the Mivv oval carbon exhaust I've just ordered, hopefully i will do a run on the Dyno with and without the DB killer to see what difference there is.
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    99 octane?

    Recently in Denmark Shell offered 99 octane for the same price as 95 (a limited time only kind of deal). My Yamaha dealer told me that the engine would ''run cleaner'' if a higher octane is used. Found some threads online but opinions seem to be divided. What do you guys think?