1. Yaminator

    Scorpion Exhaust in titanium

    Hi Everyone I've got a used Scorpion Exhaust in titanium up for grabs for £275 and ill post with recorded delivery to UK only i must add the red enamel paint has come off around the exit hole which I preferred but if you don't scorpion will remedy this as it was a bad batch in manufacture.
  2. M

    my mods - red is my thing:)

    Here are some pics of what i have done this winter (bike is dirty,i came from a ride, dusty roads here in slovenia).
  3. A

    Tank Cover

    I am new to this forum. so please forgive me if i have posted this thread in a wrong place. I bought a Yamaha MT 07 deep armor bike but what i wanted was a racing red bike. Now i want to change the color. Please can any one tell me an online store where i can buy a red tank cover. I read...
  4. RichMT

    Red anodised shorty levers

    I have for sale a pair of red anodised adjustable 'shorty' levers. As new and never been fitted. Surplus to requirements after I purchased another set prior to these arriving. £25 incl. tracked delivery. Items ready to send.
  5. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Screen

    Is the anywhere I can buy a unpainted Moto Cage screen? Probably the best looking of the bunch just don't want it in the silver and red would like to respray in silver and race blu to match the bike.
  6. N

    flashing red dash light

    Hi all, probably a stupid question, but does everyone's dash start flashing a red light(key logo) about 30secs to a minute after ignition turned off? Flashes about once every 2 seconds? Never noticed it before, is it just a warning that the bike has an immobiliser or have I got a fault? Its a UK...
  7. N

    Bike mods so far, getting closer to what I want

    So I have done some work to my bike in the past few weeks. I got the bike in February and I ordered it with a few modifications. Race red -14 MT-07 -Acrapovic exhaust -Yamaha/Gilles adjustable handles -Yamaha front/rear hub sliders -Comfort seat. New additions. -Ermax undertray and tail tidy...
  8. RichMT

    More little red embellishments!

    As shown in pics on other threads, I've been adding subtle red bits to my competition white MT. Well today I added some more with just a small graphic on the tank, inspired by the speed blocks on the late80s/early 90s Yamaha range. I didn't want to go over the top as there wouldn't have been...
  9. xt660isgood2

    your first 2 bikes?

    AP50 in blue and A100 in red, travelled the world on that old girl.....
  10. N

    Another Norwegian :)

    Hi. After a few weeks on the forum I am finally ready to introduce myself. I got my MT-07 delivered at my house today, can hardly stay out of the garage :) So I got this race red one that was on display at a shop in my area, I wanted a red one and since the -15 is no longer available in red I...
  11. cfsantos

    My Red One

    hello, have made two little videos showing my bike. the first one is showing the mods that i have made,is in portuguese,i have to put some subtitles just don't know how. soon i will make another video after getting...
  12. dev

    Giełda [Kupie/Sprzedam/Zamienie]

    [ Sprzedam / Zamienie ] Yamahe MT 07 ' 14 - red. Na zadbane Enduro / Supermoto.