1. Irksome

    Stolen - MT07 Race Blu London SW11

    Chaps - my beloved Race Blu MT07 has just been stolen from outside my office ... if any fellow London riders can keep an eye out - distinctive registration MT07ZZZ GUTTED :mad:
  2. Flip

    Trick MT07 anyone?

    Ok if you fancy a proper upgrade it may be worth splashing out and buying this for £6000 2014 MT 07 Prepped as a track day/road bike Maxton top of range suspension front and rear Akra full race system K & N air filter 520 chain conversion Hel brake lines HH brake pads Sport screen R&G crash...
  3. S

    Yamaha Model Type Codes

    Yamaha LED Flashers Plus Removed due to duplication
  4. Flip

    Rear paddock stand bobbins

    Anyone seen or adapted a way to mount bobbins to swing arm, all current market offerings just no good for removing rear wheel, just prepping MT07 to race next year and need something more substantial cheers..
  5. MrSquidbeak

    Josh Brookes stacks it when showing off on his bike after race win BSB Thruxton 2015

    https://youtu.be/NJh_RYnmncg So was at Thruxton for Round 7 of the 2015 BSB championship when this happens after race 2 Just for jokes no real harm intended to Brooks he is a fantastic rider
  6. C

    MT-07 shortage and LCD display color

    Hey everyone! I've seen a couple of videos of the MT-07 where the backlight on the display appears to be yellow instead of blue. Like here. Didn't manage to find any info regarding the backlight so are they all actually blue or do some of the MT's, like the 2015 race blue one in the video, come...
  7. N

    Bike mods so far, getting closer to what I want

    So I have done some work to my bike in the past few weeks. I got the bike in February and I ordered it with a few modifications. Race red -14 MT-07 -Acrapovic exhaust -Yamaha/Gilles adjustable handles -Yamaha front/rear hub sliders -Comfort seat. New additions. -Ermax undertray and tail tidy...
  8. P

    Paulie's FZ-07 SP: MotoGP Edition

    I finally finished my naked race bike project! After countless livery designs, I finally came up with something that embodies that naked race bike look I wanted, while still maintaining a sense of streetfighter to it. I decided to pay homage to Yamaha's outstanding start to this years'...
  9. Yam MT 07

    Yoshimura UK

    hi all , has anybody in the UK fitted the Yoshimura exhaust yet ? is it a fit on and ride job like the akra or are there any fuelling mods to be done ? is it marked race use only ? and finally , where can you buy one in the UK and how much was it . thanks to all you MTers in advance , cheers
  10. Yam MT 07

    akra carbon again !!!!!!

    hi everybody , I know that this has probably been covered before but has anyone fitted the carbon akrapovic yet ? , if so did you fit the cat or not ? I was told by a well known Yamaha solus dealer that you can fit the carbon without the cat and that it will be okay and if you have the baffle /...
  11. N

    MT 07 race blue delivery dates??

    Hi all, was wondering whether anyone else who's waiting for their race blu MT07 has been given a delivery date or estimate yet? Put my order in with CMC chesterfield for Deep armor originally in mid sept, was told delivery jan, but I changed colour to race blu 2weeks ago and still haven't got...