1. G

    Wiseco hi comp pistons now available for the 07

    Found these when I was looking for pistons for my Suzuki project. Want hi quality hi comp piston straight swap? 12.5:1
  2. G

    eBay - SC Project Exhaust

    Hi all, Selling my 3 month old SC Project exhaust on Fleabay. Discovered that loud pipes aren't for me after all, but I know others love 'em! Yamaha MT 07 SC Project Exhaust. 3 months old! Great condition. Great sound! | eBay
  3. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 SC Project CR-T Flyby & Sound check
  4. I

    SC Project - smoke from joints

    Hi guys, I fitted a SC Project exhaust using some copper grease in the process. It smokes around joints and it looks like the copper grease is burning. Should I clear it ant then reassemble the thing or let it burn or did I fucked the exhaust? Thanks.
  5. I

    SC Project - different silencers

    Hey guys, Can somebody tell me if there is noticeable difference between silencers available for the SC Project exhausts listed here: YAMAHA MT-07 EXHAUST SYSTEM Or should I just buy the cheapest one? .) Thanks.
  6. Eddieh93

    Exhaust Issue

    So now people should have had their after market exhausts for a few miles now has anyone got any gripes/moans about theirs, I am still looking and undecided about which one to get its between Zard and SC Project. Let me know if anything.
  7. Eddieh93

    SC Project or Zard

    I am stuck between 2 exhausts! SC Project or Zard I really like both noise and design so any input would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
  8. sandyevo3

    fuel tank removal

    hi im going to fit the afm(air fuel modifier) thats recomended with the sc project exhaust i installed,however i thought it just plugged into o2 sensor(4pin conector) behind rear brake pedal,after a few emails with sc project its underneith the fuel tank,has anyone removed the tank before or...
  9. Torque


    Just thought it was worth posting this link for yet another new IXIL exhaust for the MT-07 about to hit the market, especially for anyone still deciding which aftermarket system to get. I can only find it on the IXIL USA site at the moment but I'm sure it will hit Europe soon as it does appear...
  10. DeadHead

    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    Fitted SC Project exhaust today, never fitted anything like this before and wanted to share a few images etc about my experience. It was easy to fit, just show a little patience and of course have the right tools! Nothing special is needed to do the job. Everything that comes in the box apart...