1. U

    Help wanted ...

    Help Wanted.... A couple of years ago, I use to visit another Yamaha FZ-07 forum online. I have been away for two years and now I can not find it.... I tried these:
  2. B

    Mini Fairing, anyone seen one?

    Hi Guys, Just joined forum, but had 07 for 18 months. Has anyone seen or brought one of these? interested to know quality, as seem pretty cheap (but do they look it as well!!). Other sellers (from China) on fleabay do range of colours as well. Upper Headlight Top Mount Cover Panel Fairing For...
  3. S

    Waiting on delivery of my MT-07 with titAkra

    Ordered my MT-07 on Monday 1st Aug and was told Wed 10th it would be ready as they had to order the exhaust in. It's went in pretty quick so far to be fair but just hope it doesn't run past the 10th as I will be gutted :( Matte Grey
  4. spencer

    Front Fork Preload Adjusters

    Has anyone on here had any experience with there's do they work? or are they just an add-on to look pretty? Fit Yamaha MT-07 FZ-07 14-15 Blue Billet Fork Preload Adjusters Stabilizer | eBay
  5. J

    Steady throttle makes bike jerky

    Hi all, First I'd like to salute you all - looks like an amazing community you have here. Now to my problem. I've noticed that when I'm holding a steady throttle, the bike feels jerky/not smooth. Is this standard behaviour on this bike? When I do accelerate however, it pulls cleanly and...
  6. J

    SP Engineering exhaust

    Has anyone used one of these before? I want to get a replacement for my stock pipe but don't want the hassle of buying from abroad. MTC do some for the MT 07 but they look awful. SP have recently bought some to market and they look pretty good. Don't really want to get one without hearing it...
  7. cosmikdebriis

    Year on and I still absolutely LOVE this bike

    Bought my MT 07 a year ago and I can honestly say this is the best bike I have ever owned. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Only essential mod is the exhaust, Apart from that pretty near perfect.
  8. A

    SW MOTECH engine guard

    Does anyone have one of these? Personally I really like the look ... made of aluminium and seems to offer pretty decent protection. Any thoughts? Premium Front Spoiler by SW-MOTECH. Out of aluminium. For Yamaha MT-07.
  9. N

    turbo led ligth

    pretty pworfull
  10. S

    Tank Grips

    Anyone had any experience with Tank Grips? I've had a look at the Eazi-Grips which look pretty decent, leaning towards these at the moment.