1. Gee

    WANTED - Moto Cage crash bars.

    As per title.
  2. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Hand Guards

    I am looking for a set of Moto cage hand guards. I am about to buy the Moto cage fly screen as its the only one that looks acceptable for the front a in my opinion, but would like some hand guards to match, I will be painting the screen and hand guards to match my bike just missing a set of...
  3. A

    New member, Gloucester, UK

    Hi folks, just recently joined and recently picked up a 2015 MT-07 Moto Cage. Already had a read of some useful guides on here. :)
  4. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Screen Installation

    I have just managed to get hold of a black Moto Cage Screen form ebay (winner) Does anyone have a Moto Cage MT-07 from which they can take a couple of pics of how it is installed i.e. the brackets just for a bit of reference for when I install it? Or has anyone installed the screen after they...
  5. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Screen

    Is the anywhere I can buy a unpainted Moto Cage screen? Probably the best looking of the bunch just don't want it in the silver and red would like to respray in silver and race blu to match the bike.
  6. M

    Moto Gymkhana on a MT-07

    Nicely done
  7. B

    Moto Cage Parts

    Howdy Anyone know if there are exploded diagrams including part numbers for the MOTO CAGE version out yet? I cannot see Yamaha Australia bringing these out here, well soon anyway, and I really want to see if it is possible to get parts for em..
  8. xt660isgood2

    moto gp san marino

    Just wondered if anyone has any info on said race this year? Or been there before? Me and 3 other equally old 50 types have just booked it. We are too girly to ride there. So it's flying and all sorted staying at Rimini. Any info on local area , where to go etc much appreciated. Must add, we are...