1. nibril

    MT-07 for sale

    Hi all I'm selling my beloved MT-07, sadly, as I don't have a garage to keep it in - it's currently in my front room. It looks pretty sweet there actually. MT-07 ABS 15 plate 8,000 miles White Bought new Great condition Well looked after - serviced it myself 1st MOT due in early May £4,500...
  2. Ralph

    MOT time

    MT passed it's first MOT today with flying colors, no problem at all 12200 miles likely to put it up for sale though as having problems with arthritis in my hands.
  3. xt660isgood2

    She has just had her 1st "UK" MOT today

    Hello all, MOT. Sailed through as you would expect with a bike that that has only done around (3K) Embarrassed, to have done such few miles and hopefully this year will add a few more. Intrigued to know of you boys and girls who have racked up a few miles and at MOT time, What has failed 1st...
  4. M

    Hi Everyone

    Picked my new MT-07 on Friday 11th November and put it in for the 600 mile 1st oil change the following Friday. Nearly done a 1,000 miles on it and love it. Even in the wet and hail on the M6 motorway going to visit some of my family.
  5. B

    A really efficient after market rear hugger required

    My MT07 is just 2 years old and has done 8k miles and is going like a train. yesterday we had 200 miles in awful weather , on getting home the bike looked as though it had been dragged through a plough field. some of the filth on the bike could have been avoided if the after market hugger maker...
  6. J-dan

    akrapovic exhaust & Nitron Shock

    Hello, I am in the process of selling my Mt-07 so I have taken off the exhaust and shock Akrapovic exhaust carbon comes with all fittings and instructions on how to fit has been on my bike for 1500 miles in very good condition I am after £375 ONO Nitron R1 shock has covered less than 500 miles...
  7. spencer

    up for sale

    Hi everyone Was just wondering if any one would be interested in buying my 2015 race blu 07 it come with 1year warranty serviced every 4000 miles plus extras. more info give me a shout.
  8. B

    after market replacement exhausts

    Hi, everybody particularly those who are considering a replacement system.No doubt that the Akro. is a good product and so probably are the other foreign jobbies. I am intrigued why the Scorpion doesnt seem to figure much.Have had one fitted for a few hundred miles ,areal quality product...
  9. DJP

    How Many Miles Has your MT07 Done?

    So the MT07 has been out for a while, how many miles have you got on yours? I bought one of the first, in March 2014, and have 8,000 miles on it.
  10. J

    2014 MT07 for sale £4000

    Selling my beloved MT07 going travelling. Just over 4000 miles used weekly doing 200 miles a week. Has a couple of scratches one on the exhaust cover. One on the right handle bar end and on the wing mirrors where I walked it into the garage and fell over. Will add photos when I work it ok. My...
  11. B

    Buying an ex-demo bike - pros & cons?

    Hi all, first post here, and I haven't yet introduced myself because I don't yet own an MT07! I'm thinking of switching from my ER6N, and as usual have picked the worst time of the year to go bike-hunting, as my local dealer can't get new stock until September (not that far away really)...
  12. H

    1st Chain Re-Lube Today

    I had it done on its 600 mile service, and i have now hit 1500 miles or just under, chain was starting to look a tad mucky so went for it. Quite high mileage without a re-lube but to be fair the bike i sonly ridden in the dry so was well lubed and didn't really need it before. Have to say its...
  13. N

    Chain marked swingarm at 390 miles!

    Quick word of warning to those with new bikes especially. Checked my chain tension at 390 miles for first time this morning (I know, I should use it more, and clearly should have checked it more especially), despite correct running in procedure ie not revving the nuts off it or pulling wheelies...
  14. Grumpy


    Hello all. Picked up my MT-07 in retina scorching Extreme Yellow this morning. Currently hoping 600 miles doesn't take too long.... :o)
  15. P

    Tyre life.

    Hi fellow MT owners, I've been floating around on the outside of this forum since I bought my Purple bike a year ago. I've now completed 7000 happy miles on a bike which always puts a smile on my face. The OE Michelin Pilots as fitted to my bike seem to have hardly any wear on them. I've heard...
  16. E

    Hello from UK _ West Yorkshire

    Hi owned my MT07 for nearly a year now & done just over 4000 happy miles
  17. H

    Comfort seat

    Does anyone have one and is the difference from the standard one worth the cost? Just done my first longish day 285 miles on the mt07 and after about 150 miles that seat wasn't pleasant. Have previously done several few hundred mile days on my old bike (Hornet) with no issues. Also I cycle a...
  18. Ralph

    Round Britain Rally

    Out on Friday doing a few waypoints on the Round Britain Rally, on to the M-way M55 after about 10 miles then a genuine 70 MPH to J15 M6 just after Keel services, did 4 waypoints round the area then headed North for Whitchurch and the Raven Cafe, swapped bikes with a mate for the last few miles...
  19. H

    1000 Miles

    Just reached 1000 miles and have to say i am still loving this bike... Absolutley superb bike. I don't ride it on a daily basis hence the reason its taken me a while to get here... My only ever complaint was the standard exhaust but once thats changed the bike Rocks... Who Agrees ...
  20. Yaminator

    A londoner

    Hello everybody, I just got a mt 07 in matt grey, i'm from the UK in london, I got my pride and joy on thurs i was really looking forward to riding it to rack up some miles and its typically raining at the moment. Not Happy.. :( So luckily it kept me inside to join this forum..