1. U

    ABUS SECURITY CHAIN 12mm - 4ft Noose Chain...

    SOLD - please remove post thanks FOR SALE: The ABUS 12mm chain is 4ft in length; it is a "Noose" chain, so its like having 8ft of chain at your disposal. ABUS' Claim: "ABUS 12KS(mm) square link loop security chain with tough 12mm through hardened steel chain, which resists both bolt cutter...
  2. J

    New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar

    What do you think about this? Have a look to this link New Rear Passenger Seat Grab Bar Hand Rail for Yamaha MT 07 MT07 2013 2015 | eBay
  3. Darren

    MT07 Tenere

    Spotted this on the MCN website! checkout the link......... Yamaha MT-07 Ténéré spied | MCN
  4. M

    Hello from Australia

    Hi , I'm from Tasmania, Australia . Best motorbike roads ever ! Trading my VTR250 on MT-07, have to wait a couple of weeks for lowering link to get here. Matt silver race blue. Only option we have in Australia for full power version.
  5. S

    Effectiveness of ABS. Found this interesting .gif comparison.

    A few times we have discussed whether ABS works or not, I saw this .gif today, thought it was a useful demonstration. Assuming the link actually works; motorcycles - Jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion.
  6. G

    Posted a thread on removal of inlet tractrestrictors in another area of the forum

    Here is the link
  7. B

    Subscribing to a thread

    I may be being spectacularly stupid today, but could you please point out to me the link to subscribe to a thread? Of course I may never see your replies if I don't work it out in the meantime...
  8. KennyNorge

    NoPro with GoPro - Pink Dainese

    Out with the mrs. testing the GoPro =) Link to youtube:
  9. RichMT


    Looking at replacing the brake and clutch levers with a air of adjustable shorties from eBay (link below) but wondered what you guys thought of them before I go ahead. Yamaha MT 07 FZ 7 2014 2015 Strada 7 Racing Adjustable CNC Short Levers Red | eBay
  10. D

    Mt 07 Parts For sale

    Hi, Have a Brand New screen in Black, makes the bike looked finished. Here a link Windscreen Puig Sport Yamaha MT-07 13-14 dark smoke fly screen windshield | eBay selling for £3O Free postage Rear bobbins/paddock stand by Evotech £20 free postage,Here's a link Yamaha FZ-07 Rear Spindle...
  11. Torque


    Just thought it was worth posting this link for yet another new IXIL exhaust for the MT-07 about to hit the market, especially for anyone still deciding which aftermarket system to get. I can only find it on the IXIL USA site at the moment but I'm sure it will hit Europe soon as it does appear...