1. S

    Tst parts, Rizoma sport grips 4sale

    Up for sale : *TST Integrated brake light (SMOKED), TST LED Front Flushmount Turn signals (SMOKED) + TST 2 pin LED flasher relay gen 2 - $100 *TST Fender eliminator + TST undertail closeout + LED stealth license plate light - $90 *Rizoma sport grips-$40
  2. S

    TST Parts 4sale

    Up for sale : *TST Integrated brake light (SMOKED), TST LED Front Flushmount Turn signals (SMOKED) + TST 2 pin LED flasher relay gen 2 - $100 *TST Fender eliminator + TST undertail closeout + LED stealth license plate light - $90 *Rizoma sport grips-$40
  3. L

    Race Red MT07

    Bike now SOLD
  4. M

    h4 led bulb

    hi guys i want to buy from ebay led buld for the headlight .any suggestions?
  5. M

    New MT-07 owner from Japan

    Hey everyone, I rented the MT-07 a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with the bike. I went ahead and recently purchased a 2016 J-Spec MT-07 and now just playing the gut wrenching waiting game until it is delivered. I went with the matte silver scheme and added a few options such as...
  6. S

    Yamaha LED Flashers Plus

    Thinking of purchasing the new Yamaha LED Flashers Plus with the additional position and brake lights. Has anyone had any experience of these? Any installation tips and how difficult are they to install? I am thinking to install them with an Ermax Undertray / Tail Tidy. Any issues with this?
  7. A

    Used MT 07,should i get this bike ? Help needed

    Hi guys i am new to the forum and i will introduce myself a bit later. I am new to biking and i think i have surely decided to buy MT 07/FZ 07 next to 2008 690 DUKE and i have a question about the offer i got. I am 27 years old Male Height : 189 cm , Weight : 101 kg and i read most of the posts...
  8. craigieboy

    Headlight Upgrade: LED ?? HID ??

    As most of us know the headlight on the MT isn't the best so i've been on the hunt for an upgrade for a while. 1.At first i tried the Osram Nightbreaker Headlight bulb. There was maybe a tiny improvement but not much. Put up with this for a while but went searching for an alternative. 2. I...
  9. claustro

    Handguard extra led light and some more

    Some photos of mine. - "Windshield" Urbano Bruni - Radiator cover Urbano Bruni - Lever titanium long version - Fiamm 2 tones Horn - Spot led extra light - Zeta armor Handguard - Zeta XC Flasher BLACK Hand Shields - Garage door opener connected to high beam - Horn button mod Some infos 1)...
  10. G

    Replacing original turn signal bulbs

    I would like to replace the original turn signal bulbs with improve LED visibility. Is it possible? I removed the original bulbs, but is there a standard size to which I can order some LED, if again, I can gain in illumination (visibility). I am talking about the original European turn signals.
  11. N

    Some new goodies in the mail

    Got my ermax stuff today. Opted for the race red on both the undertray and the hugger, figured I could add som matte black vinyl if I decided I needed that. Also got some Yamaha LED indicators so I guess this will be my weekend project...... If it rains.
  12. StoneBridge

    New Yamaha LED indicators

    Yamaha's new front and rear LED indicators with integrated position light / integrated brake light from GK Design (JP). I asked for it, and yes, it fits on the MT-07 also. Here you can see it in operation on a Tracer (MT-09): www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEJkZ8UIWBE...
  13. loneranger

    My bike is going up for sale

    Hi everyone. I'm about to put my bike up for sale at the weekend. Its in mint condition in Deep armour. 3600 miles. It has over £2500 worth of accessories fitted. Including black leather bagster tank cover, Akra Titanium Exhaust, Meta Alarm, Oxford heated grips, rizoma flyscreen, yamaha...
  14. N

    turbo led ligth

    pretty pworfull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxFx7HEQ79A
  15. oldmatemik

    Hey guys! from Melbourne, Australia

    Hello everyone! I am Mik, or OldmateMik :) This is a community I have been watching for a while now, since before I got my MT-07, it was one of the resources that also led me to actually buying one. So thank you guys! You helped make one of the best decisions ever! Buying a new MT-07! Here...
  16. Torque

    LED Indicator Resistor Placement

    I've just finished fitting an Evotech tail tidy and the Yamaha LED indicators to my MT-07, I just need to finally position the load resistors to the rear of the bike to complete the job. The only place they seem to fit is in the plastic channel to the side of the storage compartment which also...
  17. spoonflames

    remove front and rear indicators

    Hi forgive my stupidity, but i have a set of LED indicators i want to replace the stock ones, how do i actually get the stock ones off :(