1. G

    Wiseco 80mm piston kit available

    Wiseco is now making a hi comp( 12.5:1) piston kit for the MT07. DO NOT KNOW yet is the 655 MT can be bored as I am unable to find if the bores are a: have liners big enough to bore out 2 mm and b: if the bores are coated which would stop boring them out.
  2. B

    little update

    hi gang. sorry ive been away for so long but life/work etc have been keeping me very busy. my mt-07 has changed a bit since you last looked at it so here are the extras ive added since i was last here. as you know the suspension was lowered by 20mm front and rear by hyperpro and this has made...
  3. cal66

    Lowering the bike

    Hi everyone, I've got a lowering kit to have it lowered by 50mm has anyone done this and how does it handle
  4. craigieboy

    Headlight Upgrade: LED ?? HID ??

    As most of us know the headlight on the MT isn't the best so i've been on the hunt for an upgrade for a while. 1.At first i tried the Osram Nightbreaker Headlight bulb. There was maybe a tiny improvement but not much. Put up with this for a while but went searching for an alternative. 2. I...
  5. F

    Meta alarm key conversion kit

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get the specific key conversion kit I need to work with my Meta DefcomT alarm? I'd like to ditch the separate alarm fob and have it all in one! Thanks, FR
  6. T

    MT-07 cafe racer?

    I found an interesting video. I want YAMAHA to sell a kit like this.
  7. CVSensei

    Internet shopping will be the death of me

    Just managed to spend 750 sterling on aftermarket parts on a bike that I don't even have yet.. Haven't even bought my Akra/tail tidy/headlight conversion kit yet. I have a funny mix of euphoria and shame right now.. :rolleyes:
  8. B

    Mt-07 With hyperpro lowering suspension kit.

    Hi all. As promised here is my MT-07 back with the Hyperpro suspension front and rear lowering kit fitted. The height reduction is 20mm lower front and rear. Fitting took about 2 hours as the kit is designed to fit as a direct replacement to yamaha original parts. cost for the kit is as follows...
  9. R

    Is it possible to lower an MT07 - 2014?

    Hi! Is there anyone that have lowered an MT07? Is there any lowering kit? Anyone with experience in this area? //Rodde
  10. Yam MT 07

    original tool kit

    hi everyone , I realise that this is a really stupid question but what tool kit came with your MT ? I know that all original tool kits are usually wank and in general I never use them but today when I went to adjust my rear shock I opened the tool kit looking for the c-spanner and found that...