1. A

    Start up issue

    Hello all, new member but an old owner of 2014 mt 07. My mt 07 decided to develop a problem on start. For the past week, the engine has been increasingly difficult to start. It takes about 3 seconds / 3 turnovers to turn it on, but even then just barely. But it has been getting worse and worse...
  2. Y

    ECU Flash

    Hi everyone Recently installed a FT Ecu harness to smooth out my ride, allow for my exhaust/air filter and most importantly remove the engine restrictions. The installation and actual flash went well the bike started and ran more smoothly as I hoped. Now the issue...instead of beings rpm...
  3. M

    Steering wheel issue

    Hello everyone here!:) I have the MT-07 six months about and i have a small issue with the steering wheel. The issue with the steering wheel is just a little bit twisted to the right, that was existed from the date of purchase (brand new bike). I went to Yamaha dealer but said me this is not...
  4. J

    Heated Grips not working

    Hi guys I just got myself a pair of Yamaha heated grips: Yamaha Grip Heater 120 YME-F2960-00-00 Been fitting these according to the instructions, and checked for lose, cramped or otherwise damaged wires, but everything looks good. My issue is, that they are not working and no LED's are being...
  5. Eddieh93

    Exhaust Issue

    So now people should have had their after market exhausts for a few miles now has anyone got any gripes/moans about theirs, I am still looking and undecided about which one to get its between Zard and SC Project. Let me know if anything.
  6. N

    Unable to log on with Mac/Ipad

    So just wondering if anyone else has this issue. I first noticed it on my Ipad, and the problem is that the top right hand corner is missing, meaning the fields and logon button is gone. On the left is the Register button. So I simply cant log on. At first I thought this may be a tablet issue...
  7. C

    Indicators not working

    Hi, Just wondering if I could get some help with a issue I have, my front LED and integrated tail light were working fine as I finished installing everything but now after a few more tests they don't turn on. I've never had this issue before with other bikes I've owned. Motorcycle: 2014...
  8. F

    Electrical work on the bike

    Hi all, I'm soon planning to do some electrical work on my bike to fit one of these: FUZEBLOCKS.COM During the installation, I'm going to need to disconnect the battery and I just wanted to know if this is likely to cause any issue with the immobiliser or dealer fitted alarm (Meta 357T) ...
  9. Eddieh93

    Unreliable Fuel Gauge

    Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my fuel gauge getting really patchy readings. I know people will say that it all depends what resting position I leave my bike in but I put a full tank into it on last Monday then 2 days later with minimal riding the fuel light started flashing, I...
  10. G

    Bolt striping

    I have removed my seat numerous times to access different components. But the last few times, the seat bolts stripped on me. One at first, then the other. I was able to work both of them slowly and put them back in, but it seams that they strip very easily. Anyone with the same issue?
  11. Yaminator

    Just a quickie about cutting out issue

    Hi all its just a quick question, How many people have a cutting out issue and notice that the exhaust down-pipes are a different color to each other..?
  12. G

    Gearbox issue?

    Hello again.. I solve the stalling issue by programming the injectors to spray little more fuel.. Now to something new that i observed.. With the engine off, if i select the first gear and i have my clutch pulled in, the bike doesn't move.. Or it moves a little, with much efford to the legs...