1. B

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hello guys. Got my Mt-07 a few months ago, just did over 1,000 km and I'm so happy with her. :) Just did a post about the new bar end mirrors that I want to install so If someone can give me hand I will be really apreciate. Thanks
  2. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Hand Guards

    I am looking for a set of Moto cage hand guards. I am about to buy the Moto cage fly screen as its the only one that looks acceptable for the front a in my opinion, but would like some hand guards to match, I will be painting the screen and hand guards to match my bike just missing a set of...
  3. msesma

    Mounting a pair of cheap hand guards

    Until I'll find a pair of hand guards that I like I have mounted a pair of ebay cheap ones and the result has not been so bad. As the handlebar "weights" that come with the guards is of cheap plastic I decided to make the current ones a 5 mm drill and a 6 mm thread. Simple and perfect. For the...
  4. W

    Heated gloves or heated grips or hand guards or a mix of all three?

    Was wondering what people prefer for protecting your hands from the cold? Heated grips seem like a good idea but I can imagine the exposed back of your hands can get cold, would hand guards help with this? Would heated gloves provide better all over warmth for your hands and negate the need for...
  5. robodene

    Handlebar ends protection

    Just few pence: a ferrule intended for a walking stick but ideal at 1" size to protect the bar end in a drop. Have to keep a gap on the right hand side to ensure no interference with the throttle.
  6. Donut

    Chain Adjusters

    Got back from a run to the coast today and noticed that I'd managed to lose my right hand chain adjuster along the way. Keep those lock nuts checked and tight people.
  7. Donut

    Removal of tank plastics

    Before I get medieval on the tank plastics is anyone either local me (Bracknell in Berkshire UK) and able to show me how to remove the plastics around the tank or able to offer advice on their removal. I've undone/removed the central black plastic strip and removed what I believe to be all the...
  8. spoonflames

    Hand Guards

    Can anyone recommend some hand guards with LED running lights (or blinkers) integrated? Thanks :cool: