1. msesma

    Oxford Grips instalation

    I have been gifted with a pait of Oxford heated grips by a great friend of mine and I was ver excited about not having my hands freezed anymore during these months. But as those grips are for universal fitting, the cables are too long and the connectors too bad. Mounting those grips as they...
  2. J

    Heated Grips not working

    Hi guys I just got myself a pair of Yamaha heated grips: Yamaha Grip Heater 120 YME-F2960-00-00 Been fitting these according to the instructions, and checked for lose, cramped or otherwise damaged wires, but everything looks good. My issue is, that they are not working and no LED's are being...
  3. I

    OEM heated grips

    Now the Yamaha heated grips are in place. Needed to glue them because they have hard "ribbed" inside, which required glue in order to stay in place. Made the choice to use a relay, controlled by ignition, feels safer..;-) It was a tight squeeze to get the relay and extra fuse to fit next to...
  4. A

    Heated grips

    has anyone installed heated grips? what make did you get? how do they feel? easy to install? iv got some R&G ones but haven't put them on yet, wondering what the yamaha ones are like
  5. W

    Heated gloves or heated grips or hand guards or a mix of all three?

    Was wondering what people prefer for protecting your hands from the cold? Heated grips seem like a good idea but I can imagine the exposed back of your hands can get cold, would hand guards help with this? Would heated gloves provide better all over warmth for your hands and negate the need for...
  6. I

    How to... Install heated grips WITH relay

    I bought a set of oxford hot grips for the MT and have seen alot of people wiring them (and other makes) straight to the battery. The oxford premium grips do have a battery save function where they switch off if the battery voltage goes low or the detect no "noise" on the electrical supply...

    Daytona Hot Grips - Anyone have experence?

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone has had experience with Daytona Hot Grips. Ive just installed some, but not getting any heat out of them... Power Earth Left had grip Switch It powers up, but just flashes, no heat through the grips, if you hold the button down for 3 seconds it will turn...
  8. D

    2015 Deep Armour MT-07 with rebuildt backend + misc

    My bike: Removed: Rear fender Rear blinkers Replaced: Grips with Oxford heated grips Shorty brake and clutch levers Put on: Black brake light with indicators Ducati style licence plate holder Hornit Todo: Remove front indicators, replace with mirrors with indicators. I think it...
  9. A

    Heated Grips

    Hi! I'm planning to buy the r&g heated grips (they seem to be really good and the price is excellent!). The thing is I don't have any idea about how to plug them to the battery. I've seen some tutorials installing them into other bikes, but none to the MT-07. Some people say that the optimal...
  10. S

    Tank Grips

    Anyone had any experience with Tank Grips? I've had a look at the Eazi-Grips which look pretty decent, leaning towards these at the moment.