1. L

    Tail Tidy

    EvoTech MT07 Tracer 700 tail tidy new in box never fitted £75.00 including postage UK only.
  2. B

    Full original MT07 Exhaust (never used fitted an aftermarket one from new)

    Full original MT07 Exhaust (never used as I had an aftermarket one fitted from new) Anyone Interested make me an offer.
  3. L

    Race Red MT07

    Bike now SOLD
  4. mimel

    New Sc-Project CR-T exhaust fitted

    Fitted Today the new Cr-t exhaust from Sc-project fot yamaha mt07
  5. J

    Mivv Oval Titanium Fitting Question / Observation

    Hi, Fitted a MiVV Oval Titanium exhaust last night - not even had the chance to run it up to temperature yet! It all seems to be fitted neatly. My only concern / observation is that while the bike is on its side stand, the end can (towards its end but before the cap) lightly touches against...
  6. N

    Alarm recommendation

    Hi all, just thought i'd share my experiences about Datatool and their forthcoming replacement for the self fit (easy installation - if I can do it anyone can) Demon alarm. When my Demon alarm on my R6 stopped working out of warranty I contacted them by email hoping they could repair it cheaply...
  7. Scim77

    Tyre Sizes

    I agreed with the sentiments expressed by "Gregjet" on 03/04/2015. I have always felt that Yamaha have opted for style over function with the big fat tyres fitted to the MT-07. I think the bike would feel much more nimble if narrowed tyres were fitted. Even on the original rims, it might be...
  8. Eddieh93

    Wing Mirrors

    Anybody got these fitted and what is visibility like?
  9. B

    Scorpion Serket Taper System

    Morning everybody just waiting for the rain to go away.Has anyone fitted a Scorpion system? If so any information will be very welcome. regards Brianj.
  10. craigieboy

    Puig Screen, filter & PlastiDip

    Been looking at screens for a while and found this Puig one but couldnt find any reviews on it or any pics of it fitted other than the stock image on the for sale page. Bit the bullet and ordered it anyway :p. I Previously had the Ermax sport Screen (The shorter one) but Didnt really like it...
  11. C

    Ground clearance

    Had my MT a couple of weeks and love it, great for wheelies and just great fun. I've already destroyed the footpeg feelers so took them off, now scraping pegs. So I've just fitted a nitron shock to give the rear some more support and ordered some rearsets, anyone else fitted these and did it...
  12. jmkk

    What's your topspeed?

    Last weekend I got 230kmh (143mph) on my display, which was the highest I got since I bought it. (no video unfortunately) I've got the full Akrapovic (no DB-killer) and the DNA airfilter fitted. People say the actual speed will be around 10% lower than the displayspeed.. so that would make...
  13. RichMT

    The dark side beckons...

    Today, I've fitted a tail tidy purchased from eBay and I was very impressed with the quality and clear instructions. In fact, the only thing I didn't like was the stick-on button reflector thrown in for legal reasons, so I got a bolt-on rectangular one and made a bracket that stuck on the back...
  14. MT-0Devon

    LED indicators fitted today. Links in post

    A quick & easy Modification done today. We changed the relay, fitted Indy leads & indicator adapters then fitted these LED's All in all, about 2 hours start to finish & an improvement in my opinion.
  15. CVSensei


    I'm sure there's all sorts of recommendations to be found in the deep, dark depths of the forum but I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good GPS that's not going to bankrupt me and can be fitted by a complete novice.
  16. MT-0Devon

    Evotech rad guard fitted. What an improvement!

    Evotech Rad guard fitted today. It looks so much better even though the billeted rad sides have gone. Thumbs up from me!
  17. badger27

    scott olier

    looking at fitting a scott oiler will be doing it myself as the dealer wants 70+ pounds for fitting it any one fitted one ? could you offer me advice please thanks guys badger
  18. DeadHead

    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    Fitted SC Project exhaust today, never fitted anything like this before and wanted to share a few images etc about my experience. It was easy to fit, just show a little patience and of course have the right tools! Nothing special is needed to do the job. Everything that comes in the box apart...
  19. loneranger

    Air filter

    Anyone know how to get to this and its location? Ive done the oil and filter change so thought might as well do the air filter, but don't know where it is fitted. Any pics would be great......